Wonderful Wiry Mobiles!

Marie Christophe’s wire and plastic disc mobiles are all about shaking things up.  
Originally created for Cartier in Paris, they shimmer and shimmy in the sunlight. 
Wherever you place them, they will delight and redefine the space around them as they move.

Spring and summer mean dining in the garden and setting a beautiful table. My mother, born in Sicily, always set hers with a tablecloth, a vase or two of flowers from the garden and, of course, a bottle of wine for lunch and dinner. On my table, I always include one of Marie Christophe’s bejeweled birdies, who are eagerly waiting to wing it from my home to yours.

Marie Christophe’s adorable dog and cat sculptures, created for L/UNIFORM of France, make the perfect pets.

The perfect pet created for L/UNIFORM of France. And the wire bone — bon appetit!

Making the Cut

This color– my new favorite hue – reminds me of my lavender field at Jo’s Farms, and the shop that I just opened.

Kyoto, a real stunner from Adam & Viktoria, gets its abstract oomph from the cuts in kimonos..

My favorite holiday in France, Fête du Travail, (May Day) is a beautiful time in France. The week preceding May 1st, one can buy cut flowers and potted plants almost everywhere.
But fear not, Marie Christophe made this lovely little porte bonheur (lucky charm) to bring good luck and love to all who cannot be there.
Happy May Day everyone!!

Birds of a feature stay together, especially if they are on Marie Christophe’s latest sculpture.

Bird Life On A Branch

Bejeweled Beauties

Marie Christophe’s wide-eyed wire owl is a real wow! Who-o-o says so? Everyone who sees the cute little creature.

Tweet this: Marie Christophe’s chirpy-chic chandeliers and beautiful birds bring spring and summer into your home.  I am swooning over this new bird chandelier created for Muriel Brandolini!!

One of Marie Christophe’s beautiful birdies, rendered in jewel-like colors, stops to smell the spring flowers before flying off to join his friends on a colossal chandelier. Can’t wait to share!

Spring Tweets

Officially, spring maybe here, but Mother Nature still has a lot of ice in her veins what with all the snows and cold weather springing up. If anything will force the season out of the frozen ground like a bouquet of crocuses, it is this flock!

I’m swooning with spring décor ideas!

Happy Unfolding Of Spring

This Gorgeous Baccarat Crystal Candle Chandelier

Elegantly Appointed In Gold And Silver

Marie Christophe’s new sconce, elegantly appointed in gold and silver beads, is a wonderful place to hang your hat.  But, it’s so gorgeous that it doesn’t need any added adornments (no matter how sartorially special they are!)

Blake Hotel, London

The next time you’re in the Blake Hotel London, look up. Marie Christophe’s chandelier has five crystal birds and two crystal owls sitting on its trio of beautiful branches.

Tree of Life

If you’re longing for spring (and who isn’t?) Marie Christophe’s tree of life sculpture, filled with fanciful flowers and fluttering birds, will certainly get you in the mood.
  With more time spent indoors than ever before, we’re all seeking to strengthen our connection with nature.  
This lure back to nature has become a recurring theme with my clients .. a renewed interest in the nature inspired chandeliers and sculptures like this created for Pierre-Louis Mascia  with leaves, owls,  and exotic birds by Marie Christophe.

Chateau Days!

Marie Christophe’s cradled-baskets chandelier is the centerpiece of this table, set for a dinner party and its guests at Domaine de Bailleul, a castle in Normandy, France

It gives such as warm glow to the setting!

What a bovine beauty!

Marie Christophe’s custom cow greets customers at Queenies restaurant in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
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