Marie Christophe’s candlelit Christmas tree, topped with a beautiful bird, sings the praises of the holiday season!

Wise, Whimsical and Wonderous

Marie Christophe’s wide-eyed wire owl just WOW!

Marie Christophe’s latest – little birdie lamps feathered with blue, brown and white ceramics and topped with raffia shades – make me sing of spring, even in the dead of winter.

Christmas Bird!

Flower Motif

It’s spring every season of the year with Marie Christophe’s wire & crystal blooms.

Marie Christophe’s latest  birdie comes with a pretty perch in wooden beads.

Say It with A Bird, A Prim Flower And A Golden Leaf

Marie Christophe’s wiry leggy  birdie and glittering crystal flower, and leaf are the special guests at my Thanksgiving table this year.

We’d love to create some of these bejeweled beauties to welcome your guests at your holiday table.

Budding Beauties.. gifts from the garden that Marie Christophe translates beautifully!

 A leaf pinned to a beautiful blue flower becomes a crowning jewel in Marie Christophe’s hands.

Bonita Ahuja’s new textile,Grace,  is made of appliquéd scraps of old fabrics on handwoven silk and merino inspired by the very elegant and minimal botanical drawings and dried stalks of flowers.

Bonita Ahuja observes… “The graceful silhouette of plants that is something more soothing than their ornament”


Colossal candleholders,  shapely sculptures, lovely with or with the candle
Love the geometric, abstract forms. High- Wire Winner!!

Marie Christophe’s magnificent crystal and wire Christmas tree, created for  22 Hotel in London (she also made a magnificent tree-branch chandelier with owls and birds for the hotel stairwell), is decorated with two crystal owls,  two crystal turtles, two crystal parrots, two crystal blue birds, a crystal squirrel and a beautiful crystal  hummingbird.

Marie Christophe’s playing Santa this holiday season. She’s creating a Christmas tree for a client in London and decorating it with these gorgeous glittering animal ornaments.

Tulipa Time

I love it when the tulips pop their little heads above the ground. Part of their allure for me is that they last but a little time,which is why I fell so hard for Adam & Viktoria’s Tulipa.

I love the cheeky candy/pink hazelnut red apples and its Swingin’ Sixties vibe.

An autumn leaf


Wickedly Wonderful..Marie Christophe’s street creed is in her heads!

Marie Christophe’s Bougeoir Miro is a floor light with flair and flame.

A prim flower


Gifts from nature Marie Christophe translates beautifully.

 These lovely little wirework creations always brings a smile to my face and a song to my heart.  Which will you choose?


Marie Christophe’s sculptural chandeliers grace every room with their presence.

 Experience all the places that feature her magnificent creations.

I’d love to stay with you in each of them. Until we meet and before we say nite, nite, you can see them in Hotel Finca Cortesin in Casares, Spain

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