To see the soul of an object, it is critical that you train your eye. 

That’s what legendary Italian designer Massimo Vignelli told me when I worked for him, and that’s what has driven my design sense ever since. 

“Go to Venice, Florence, Paris, walk down the street, and you’ll learn more than at any design school,” Massimo advised me at the beginning of my career. “Not everyone comes back a master of the Renaissance, but something sticks.”

That’s what I’ve been doing ever since I started the Lisa Fontanarosa collection in 1997 when I moved from my native New York to New Mexico.

My trained eye has led me to curate a world of beauty filled with poetic pieces for interior designers, architects, private clients and other international style makers.

My choices are guided by Paris, where the mix of antique and modern complement each other like a favorite old shirt and shiny new dress shoes. 

I travel the globe looking for pieces that speak to my heart – lighting, textiles and objects that are as visceral as works of art and that like all of us, are beautiful in their imperfection.

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