The table, whether it’s in the kitchen, set beautifully in the dining room, or in the backyard for a summer soiree, is where we come to share life, family, friends and above all food.

My mother, born in Sicily, always set hers with a beautiful tablecloth, a vase or two of flowers from the garden and, of course, a bottle of wine for lunch and dinner.

I love to set a beautiful table too and it always starts with a tablecloth, most of the time, its one of hers..


I got a chance to show off Marie Christophe’s creations and all of the other amazing artisans featured in my shop during my recent interview for Table Magazine, a beautiful magazine that highlights stylists, designers, artists, chefs, writers  and photographers.

 The magazine’s visuals are poetic and insightful.  The magazine is all about sharing  pleasure in the most beautiful way.  You will be able to read me, my love of gardening and flowers and of course my shop and lavender farm in the May issue.   Can’t wait!


A pair of sparkling chandeliers by Marie Christophe sets the mood for the good food at The Love Apple.

The Right Pairings

I’m throwing a petite dinner party, so I took inspiration from the 2006 Harper’s Bazaar spread that featured Marie Christophe’s witty centerpieces – gilded wild birdcages that restrained Firsoni’s heels.

The table is the first thing you see when you enter a dining space; just as stilettoes make a fashion statement, its setting sets the mood for the food.

With the shoes safely behind Marie’s brilliant bars, the conversation and the wine will flow freely at my intimate gathering. Should I set a plate for you?

Tabletop Talk

I just picked up a copy of  A La Table Des Designers and was pleased to see that Marie Christophe’s sculptures are the icing on the cake. Makes me want to have seconds – and thirds!

This beautiful birdie is about to take wing and fly into your house

In Vogue

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, swap the pillows with the seasons, and you’ll always be in style.

Obviously, Vogue agrees with me. Trellis, Hazelnut, a sweet flower repeat with Russian influences- block printed on silk taffeta, silk velvet applications and heavy embroidery made its debut in Vogue!

Spring Birdsong

Love is in the air: A little birdie brought to life by Marie Christophe told me it’s Valentine’s Day.

Now that’s something to sing about!


Adam & Viktoria  have also added a striking, very simple, graphic pattern called Harlequin rendered in lowliest hues!!

Marie Christophe’s latest  birdie comes with a pretty perch in wooden beads.

 Marie Christophe’s light-as-a-feather wireworks, punctuated with crystals or ceramics float in space without invading it. But it was the life size wire horse for Hermes so long ago that captured my heart.

Her delicate wire, bead and crystal work attracted the high end retail sector.  Designer boutiques and designers such  Jean-Louis Deniot, Pierre -Louis Mascia ( devoted  fans )  in Paris, Toulouse, Milan and beyond, keep her busy with orders.. like those beaded chandeliers for Dior, panthers for Cartier, department store Printemps, Musee de la Mode working with floral designer Christian Tortu (she created wire animal mannequins), sculptures for all the Roger Vivier windows, and a colossal LED chandelier for Guerlain’s new boutique Cour des Senteurs in Versailles.. such lightness of being.

She makes the art of beauty a true art of living. We are looking forward to creating a beautifully designed new year for you and yours!


Fruit of the Pomegranate

Pomegranates is one of my favorite Adam & Viktoria pillow designs, so I’m delighted the duo has added a smart bolster to the collection. The three  colorways, enhanced by embroidery, sequins and velvet appliqué, promise regal luxury, which is just what we crave — and deserve.

Interior designers are saying that 2023 will be a year of attributing meaning to carefully selected pieces- the year of the craftsperson,  the artist, the artisan. 
I adore these sculptural ceramic spine lights made of hand-shaped clay because they offer an intricate interplay of light and dark.
It was such a thrill to fly to London and meet Kelly Hoppen early in my career.  She was just opening her first shop and wanted ceramic sculptural pieces in her window.
 We just love the way they look, don’t you?

Go shopping in high style with Marie Christophe’s chic crock, who is carrying a green crystal handbag on his back.   This fabulous new crocodile light was created for Beynat et Janniaux Paris (they create all the  crocodile skins for the Vuitton and Hermes bags) and is simply fabulous!

A beautiful owl rendered in these colors.


Wise, Whimsical and Wonderous

Marie Christophe’s wide-eyed wire owl just WOW!

Marie Christophe’s latest – little birdie lamps feathered with blue, brown and white ceramics and topped with raffia shades – make me sing of spring, even in the dead of winter.

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