Marie Claire Maison, featured the wire mobile  on the cover and used the mobile as a lovely decoration suspended over the table …even the zebra can’t take its eyes off it!

Bee-u-tiful Buzzing Bees!
Marie Christophe’s bee sconce for Dior in 2009 started the buzz!
Marie Christophe’s unforgettable pieces hold such beauty and always make a statement where you place them.
When the weather turns cold and the little birdies fly south, Marie Christophe brings them back home with her custom birdhouse chandeliers – I can almost hear them chirping in happiness!
Marie Christophe’s over-the-top custom candle chandelier, in wedding pearls and chic crystals, was designed to accent Elitis France’s new collection of colorful fabrics and accessories. What a wonderfully whimsical pairing!
Marie Christophe’s birds are always a fabulous and fun flock

Puppy (and Pillow Love)

This little Lab has really good taste – he’s lounging on a medley of Adam & Viktoria pillows created for my client.  Clearly, he’s in his comfort zone!

My life filled with flowers, Table Magazine

The first time I visited Provence, it was clear it was going to be a life-long love affair.  As I watched the burnt orange sunset melt through to pale violet over the lavender fields, I was mesmerized by the beauty and I knew I would one day I would plant a lavender field of my very own.

My lavender field  with its beauty and scent transports me to Provence every day.

Earth, you inspire me to create beauty.
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