We want to wish you, our dear clients, the happiest of holidays. It’s been a real pleasure working with you this year, and we’re looking forward to creating a beautifully designed new year for you and yours.

Warmest Wishes for a happy and festive holiday season!


Go shopping in high style with Marie Christophe’s chic crock, who is carrying a green crystal handbag on his back.   This fabulous new crocodile light was created for Beynat et Janniaux Paris (they create all the  crocodile skins for the Vuitton and Hermes bags) and is simply fabulous!

A beautiful owl rendered in these colors.


This beautiful birdie is about to take wing and fly into your house

Wise, Whimsical and Wonderous

Marie Christophe’s wide-eyed wire owl just WOW!

Marie Christophe’s latest – little birdie lamps feathered with blue, brown and white ceramics and topped with raffia shades – make me sing of spring, even in the dead of winter.

Flower Motif

It’s spring every season of the year with Marie Christophe’s wire & crystal blooms.

Colossal candleholders,  shapely sculptures, lovely with or with the candle
Love the geometric, abstract forms. High- Wire Winner!!

Wickedly Wonderful..Marie Christophe’s street creed is in her heads!

Marie Christophe’s sculptural chandeliers grace every room with their presence.

 Experience all the places that feature her magnificent creations.

I’d love to stay with you in each of them. Until we meet and before we say nite, nite, you can see them in Hotel Finca Cortesin in Casares, Spain

The colors of Tuscany!  Golden yellows, deep reds and lush greens.

Dress up your decor for fall with the rich hues inspired by the Italian countryside.

My sofa is going to be super excited!

Marie Christophe just designed these beautiful little lanterns, Milles et une Nuit (A Thousand and One Nights), for Jean-Louis Deniot.  There are a dozen to accent an outdoor corridor.

I’m so in love with them because it’s so Marie and so Jean-Louis – she decorated it with extra-large ceramics in his signature honey palette of gold, black, white and transparent.


Wood and crystals!
With simple and sublime design, Marie Christophe hand sculpts wire, beads and baubles into art that is illuminating as poetry.  Then she enlivens these airy sculptures by attaching glittering crystals  to catch the light.
Every Object Has A Story And Every Object Brings That Story And A New Life Into Your Home!

Tiger Eyes!

The most magnificent crystal tiger sculpture

Blake Hotel, London

The next time you’re in the Blake Hotel London, look up. Marie Christophe’s chandelier has five crystal birds and two crystal owls sitting on its trio of beautiful branches.

Be Dazzling.. Like Marie Christophe’s Crown!


Marie Christophe’s new bird soliflore gives us something to crow about: Its tail feathers feature ceramic soliflores for flowers or tapers. It looks just as fabulous sans flowers .. the perfect piece for your office, your bedroom, to decorate a stack of  your favorite books and your dining room will thank you!  I’m smitten!!!!

She created it for an exhibition in Milan opening in September.
 You can special order it in two colors: International Klein Blue or white.
I say let’s buy one of each!   I did!!!  

Sunny days ahed with Marie Christophe’s beautiful Soleil sculpture.

Featured in Cote Sud Magazine

Marie Christophe’s stunning new Rainbow chandelier sets the scene for elegant dining!


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