New petite lavender cotton sachets sold in sets of (3) and delicately held together by a satin ribbon.   Made from a pretty cotton with colorful patterns sourced from France from Petit Pan and they are filled with lovely, intoxicating organic lavender flowers.  Perfect for perfuming your wardrobe, their fragrance will last for years!

These lovely lavender sachets are sold in sets of (3) and delicately held together by a satin ribbon.  Placed among your clothes, or in your linen closets to scent and repel moths.

Lovely on your bed, in your yoga bag or suitcase, your car and of course  they would make lovely gifts for Mom and everyone on your list this Mother’s Day!  Small enough to travel with.. its delicate fragrance brings you calm.


These gorgeous velvet hues,  in these gorgeous patterns remind us that pillows are obviously Adam & Viktoria’s love language!  I want them all!!!!

Even the parrots can’t stop talking about Marie Christophe’s new colorfully beaded candleholders, which are inspired by her recent trip to India.

I love to use them day and night to add sparkle to my garden and my dinner table, and I invite you to do so, too.

Wonderful wax bottle sculptures modeled after vintage bottles, perfume bottles, hourglass bottles and candlesticks these wax sculptures are meant to be hung in pretty patterns, right side up and up side down and are inspired by the passage of sunlight through antique bottles. 
  Molded in wax, when hung in a grouping, they become a kaleidoscope of color and are meant to elevate and celebrate any space or empty corner. 

Obssessed with candles I also enjoyed creating candles in an enormous vat in the back of the shop.

I still love the glorious scene I made of the tapers hanging from the ceiling in the center of the shop at Wax poetic!.

Some 20 years ago I moved from New York City to New Mexico and I took a job at Wax Poetic in Bernalillo near Santa Fe.

Inspired by a recent trip to India, Marie Christophe created these elegantly striking elephant candle holders. Their colorful beaded blankets remind me of all the treasures the bazaars bring.

Gatherings of guests are twice as nice when your dining table shares a pair of Marie Christophe’s pink-crystal chandeliers!  These custom chandeliers bring a double bouquet of beauty to the home of Frederic Fekkai in the south of France.


Shirin Von Wulffen, the wife of French hairstylist Frédéric Fekkai, commissioned this enormous custom rose crystal chandelier  from Marie Christophe for another room in their home in the South of France!

Chinese Lantern of My Dreams!

Marie Christophe just designed this Murano glass, magnificent birdcage lantern for a very special house.

 It will hang in the dining room in a very special house in Ojai, California!


I’m excited to tell you that Marie Christophe and Marie-Helene de Taillac are collaborating on a luxury jewelry collection. 

The jewelry, which will feature De Taillac’s signature rainbow of semiprecious stones set in yellow gold created with  Marie Christophe’s astonishing sculptures, is like a chic French fairytale. 
 Winged Wonders
Marie Christophe just made these life-size wings which are part of a
collection of angels and angel wings that she has created over the years and that have been featured on the cover of Numero magazine.

The new sensational window display at Dior in Paris didn’t disappoint.

Dior’s enchanted forest themed windows complete with flowers, birds and bees was simply enchanting!


Marie Christophe’s  most famous pieces are the chandeliers,  bees sconces and sculptures she created expressly for the Christian Dior boutiques in Paris, France.

I discovered Marie Christophe on the streets of Paris in 1999 at a gallery in Paris called En attendant les Barbares.. it was love at  first sight.  My heart skipped a beat. I inquired who the artist was and contacted her immediately.  It has been more than twenty four years since I discovered Marie Christophe.  She has been twisting and sculpturing many, many, wire masterpieces ever since.

Baby Dior, Paris

I just adore the J’Adore chandelier in opaline crystal for baby Dior Paris!

Returned from Paris to find one beautiful Iris blooming in my garden!

  My own carefully curated collection, of course, revolves around the artists I represent.
I fill my rooms with the work of Marie Christophe, Adam & Viktoria and Bonita Ahuja, reveling in the chic comfort it brings to my eye and soul.  
But they also adorn many showrooms and our client’s homes too!

Haute Couture

I love fashion and I must admit I have a thing for dress forms and dried flowers!

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