Marie Christophe’s light-as-a-feather wireworks, punctuated with crystals or ceramics float in space without invading it. But it was the life size wire horse for Hermes so long ago that captured my heart.

Her delicate wire, bead and crystal work attracted the high end retail sector.  Designer boutiques and designers such  Jean-Louis Deniot, Pierre -Louis Mascia ( devoted  fans )  in Paris, Toulouse, Milan and beyond, keep her busy with orders.. like those beaded chandeliers for Dior, panthers for Cartier, department store Printemps, Musee de la Mode working with floral designer Christian Tortu (she created wire animal mannequins), sculptures for all the Roger Vivier windows, and a colossal LED chandelier for Guerlain’s new boutique Cour des Senteurs in Versailles.. such lightness of being.

She makes the art of beauty a true art of living. We are looking forward to creating a beautifully designed new year for you and yours!


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