Author: Lisa Fontanarosa

Who-o-o made this stunning owl lamp with the sunny shade? Marie Christophe, of course.

Be wise… let Marie Christophe’s owl lamp take center stage in your home!

I’ve always been quite taken with Marie Christophe’s Hibou lamp and the Hibou  both lit up the windows of Bergdorf Goodman’s Manhattan store in September 2009 and also the fabulous showroom of Suzy Hoodless, London as well as gracing the homes of many of my clients.
The Hibou (owl lamp) isn’t exactly traditional, but it proves that great pieces look wonderful wherever you put them!

Because it’s fashion week darlings!


Fall is the time for catching up on reading, and the right light makes all the difference. Marie Christophe’s big big-bird lamp and an overstuffed chair are the perfect perch for devouring the latest novel.

This lamp, light and airy, always makes me smile.


The Hues of Yellow

There’s nothing more mellow than yellow to brighten your day and this beautiful Diva laser-cut acrylic floor screen by Adam & Viktoria in canary yellow will brighten your mind and your home!

It’s a real eye-catcher!!


Striking A Proud Pose

Lanterne of my dreams!!!

Is there anything nicer than hearing the sweet chirps of birds…   These fabulous flights of fancy are flapping their wire wings to new homes.   Maybe it’s your home?

Feathered with blue, brown and white ceramics and topped with rafia shades, they will make me sing of spring even when winter arrives!


Falling  for French Fashion

The French woman’s effortlessly chic style is a force to be reckoned with.  Somehow, with just a few simple items, she achieves a look that is both fierce and fabulous yet also casual and relaxed. Having mastered the art of layering, fall is a particularily exciting season for the French fashionistas.  All that is required to get that je ne sais quoi French look are some essential base pieces, stylish and practical accessories and a few subtle touches that pull the outfit together.

For a real touch of Paris, I’m adding Marie Christophe’s fashions to my wardrobe.

 I love Marie’s limber legs sculpture right down to the beautiful wire shoes with red crystal!  I have mine in my dressing room.  Where will you hang yours?


And how about a custom birdcage to house your fabulous shoe collection?

As the vibrant colors of summer slowly fade into the muted embrace of fall, we find ourselves captivated by the sensorial beauty of this enchanting season of warm and rustic interiors. Beautiful glittering fixtures by Marie Christophe draw the eye and rich textiles by Adam & Viktoria invite you to your sofa to enjoy a roaring fire!
I am excited for these gradually darkening months.  
Marie Christophe has been twisting and sculpting many, many wire masterpieces since I discovered her in 1999. 
Her delicate wire, bead  and crystal work attracted the high end retail sector.  Designer boutiques and designers such Jen-Louis Deniot ( a devoted fan!!!), Pierre-Louis Mascia  in Paris, Toulouse, Milan and beyond, keep her busy with orders.. like those beaded chandeliers for Dior, mobiles for Cartier, horses for Hermes, panthers  for Cartier,  animal mannequins for Musee de la Mode, sculptures for all the Roger Viviver windows, a colossal LED chandelier for Guerlain’s neww bouqtique Cour des Senteurs in Versailles. 
She makes the art of beauty a true art of living and we are looking forward to creating a beautifully designed chandelier or sculpture for you!
I’m swooning with fall decor ideas.
I can’t wait to see how you will use Marie Christophe’s sculptures in your home!

Fall Tweets!

My love of flowers inspired my own creative projects. Playing with dried flowers  to create my floral fashions – accessorizing my vintage dressmaker’s mannequins from France, with dried lavender-laden bouquets is my passion.

Marie Christophe’s wirework mannequins have always been an inspiration to me, as you can see in my new collection of floral fashion dress forms. 

She made these for Musee de la Mode, Paris in 1998  — can it really have been that long ago? 

The peacock strutted for Chanel; the giraffe loped for Issey Miyake; the swan swanned for Jean-Paul Gaultier; the hare hopped for Yohji Yamamoto; the ostrich sashayed for Christian Lacroix; and the rooster crowed only for Comme des Garcon. Magnifique!

Mannequins have become my mantra – this one’s wearing a collar/necklace made of porcelain flowers.

This work by Marie Christophe is Picasso-esque, and it’s one of my all-time favorites.

Marie Christophe’s works such as this crystal and wire hanger originally created for Pierre-Louis Mascia’s showrooms in Toulouse and Milan, are a huge inspiration for my work.

And I have several in my shop!

The haut fashion hangers Marie Christophe created for Pierre Louis Mascia are the stars of his beautiful boutique in Milano and they are also so coveted in mine!

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