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When I discovered Marie Christophe, it was LOVE at first light. She takes a humble material – wire, of all things – and, like magic, creates fairytale, functional art.

I have always looked to France for instruction in matters of elegance as much as a child looks with wonderment and awe the first time she sees something special.

The something special I saw when I was strolling in Paris in 1999 was one of Marie’s chandeliers. It was suspended from the ceiling of a lovely gallery.

My heart skipped beat, and I knew I had to share her whimsical wire works with the world.

She was the first artist I signed; so she and I really started together.

Today’s beautiful custom creation for my client!

 Whether it is a specific project or event, we can provide something unique to you!


With simple and sublime design, Marie Christophe hand sculpts wire, beads and baubles into art that is illuminating as poetry. Then she enlivens these airy sculptures by attaching glittering crystals to catch the light.

Marie Christophe’s pagoda-style chandelier, which features birds winging their way around wooden beads and crystals, is the centerpiece of Muriel Brandolini’s dining room.

This new pagoda-style chandelier, which features wooden beads and crystals, is the centerpiece of Muriel Brandolini’s dining room.

I love the unexpected combination of the wooden beads paired with the glittering crystals!  Divine!!

Lavender Days Ahead
Adam & Viktoria’s latest – Little Domino Purple pillows remind me of my lavender field when I can’t be outside picking the fragrant bouquets.
I love them paired with Hybrid Snappy Green lumbar + Little Domino Green
Adam & Viktoria’s latest – Trellis Purple, New Kyoto Light Kelly Green, Flou Plum and Pastille Purple – remind me of my lavender field when I can’t be outside picking the fragrant bouquets.

My Favorite Patio- Purple and Green Picked Up From Monet

Boudoir announces itself with a palette of neutral ceramics.

Let the Sun Shine In

 It’s not quite summer yet, but the latest Marie Christophe piece warms my heart as no real rays can.

Her stunning sun sculpture, which gets its blinding bling from ceramics, reminds me once again that the lovely days of summer really are endless.

Marie Christophe’s new sparkling chandelier is filled with fancy crystal flowers – what a brilliant and bright bouquet in the sky! They will bloom every morning and every evening in your house too!


The haute fashion hangers Marie Christophe created for Pierre Louis Mascia are the stars of his new atelier in Millan.


Marie Christophe’s angel wings and her Chinois lion lamp make a pretty pair.  I love their artistry!

Marie Christophe’s beaded shell is a wonderful wirework art ornament (or an exotic earring for a painted lady).

Marie Christophe’s latest flock: a pair of bluebirds and a cardinal looking for a place to nest.

Spring and summer mean dining in the garden and setting a beautiful table. My mother, born in Sicily, always set hers with a tablecloth, a vase or two of flowers from the garden and, of course, a bottle of wine for lunch and dinner. On my table, I always include one of Marie Christophe’s bejeweled birdies, who are eagerly waiting to wing it from my home to yours.

Birds of a feature stay together, especially if they are on Marie Christophe’s latest sculpture.

Making the Cut

This color– my new favorite hue – reminds me of my lavender field at Jo’s Farms, and the shop that I just opened.

Kyoto, a real stunner from Adam & Viktoria, gets its abstract oomph from the cuts in kimonos..

My favorite holiday in France, Fête du Travail, (May Day) is a beautiful time in France. The week preceding May 1st, one can buy cut flowers and potted plants almost everywhere.
But fear not, Marie Christophe made this lovely little porte bonheur (lucky charm) to bring good luck and love to all who cannot be there.
Happy May Day everyone!!

Chateau Days!

Marie Christophe’s cradled-baskets chandelier is the centerpiece of this table, set for a dinner party and its guests at Domaine de Bailleul, a castle in Normandy, France

It gives such as warm glow to the setting!

Bejeweled Beauties

Marie Christophe’s adorable dog and cat sculptures, created for L/UNIFORM of France, make the perfect pets.

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