My mother born in Sicily and my father from Naples, took us on trips to the Mediterranean when I was just 14 years old.
It left an indelible mark on my heart, and instilled in me a lifelong passion for travel, food, nature which ultimately led me to France and the lavender fields of Provence where my passion for design, art, and flowers became the the inspiration for my business, sourcing unique curiosities and unusually beautifully objects, lighting, and textiles from around the world to incorporate into the rooms I style and design for my clients.
I love to style spaces, it’s easy when you represent beautiful things and find beautiful things to make your space feel special.  A keen editorial eye, a love of design, floral artistry, color and all that blooms inspired my journey. My beautiful lavender field with the faces of the giant sunflowers that grow along side of it that turn my lavender landscape into a vibrant impressionist painting, is my joy!
In our digital age, I still find print very meaningful and I am so thrilled to be featured in Table Magazine… this stunning magazine celebrates stylists, designers, artists, chefs and the pleasures of every day in the most beautiful way!
I love styling, I love retail, I love shopkeeping, I love creating but most of all, I LOVE flowers!!!
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