I’m in summer cycle, which reminds me of a project I worked on with Marie Christophe for Colette, Paris’ cult-concept boutique.

I was asked to curate and style  a collection from different artists for this exhibition for  Colette, in Paris. I asked Marie to create a life-size bicycle in wire with a crystal seat and crystal bell. I had it installed in the shop’s window so the sun could create a sparkling spotlight.

Quintessentially French, this bike, that traveled the Colette runway also is Marie’s masterpiece.  Rode its way into our hearts in T Magazine and Vogue,  countless other press articles as  well as a favorite book, My Stylish French Girlfriend’s book by Sharon Santoni (also author of  My French Country Home). Colette, closed it’s doors a few years ago but I was so thrilled to collaborate and style a collection for Paris’ cult concept store.. and it all began at my first job Henri Bendel, New York!




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