When I discovered Marie Christophe, it was LOVE at first light. She takes a humble material – wire, of all things – and, like magic, creates fairytale, functional sculptural chandeliers.

I have always looked to France for instruction in matters of elegance as much as a child looks with wonderment and awe the first time she sees something special.

It’s always fun to see how my clients use my favorite pieces.  Each one takes on an added meaning when it finds a new home.  I love the Montgolfière chandelier  (btw~ it was the very first chandeliers she ever created and still one of most coveted).

Marie Christophe’s Montgolfière chandelier makes it easy to dress things up or down or do both at the same time.  And this project with French designer,  Marianne Evennou is a perfect example and one of my favorites. I love how the Montgolfière chandelier adds a poetic, casual chicness to this space.


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