Lavender Farm Shop & Stroll

Jo’s Farms’ Holiday Stroll, which is Friday and Saturday, is featured in the Albuquerque Journal.

I’m looking forward to seeing you at the farm!

Petit Amour

Small gestures from the heart- petit and perfect!!!!  For your table, for hostess gifts, for that special someone..

Style is served!

Turtle Turtle

These cute and colorful creatures, Marie Christophe’s creation, have made their home in London’s Blake Hotel. The bejeweled turtle sconces are among the many animals that have come from Marie’s wire cutters and her imagination.

Kick-Start Your Holiday Shopping!

Celebrate Christmas at Jo’s Lavender Farm’s Holiday Shop & Stroll on November 26th from 2-5 and Saturday, November 27th 10-5.

Come holiday shopping with us – spend a day at the lavender farm and browse my new shop to discover one-off collections from my artists from Europe and find special pieces that I’ve collected from my travels from France and beyond.  Did I mention lavender?

Exotic And Whimsical!

The flock of birds in Marie Christophe’s Lustre Branche crystal chandelier is getting some fine-feathered friends. Marie is making a second one for one of my clients. It will be as stunning as the first, which is 60 inches high, 36 inches wide and features four birds, one hedgehog, one fox and a lovely little cage at the top.

Dare A Dreamy Dressing Room

Marie Christophe’s bespoke hangers/sculptures will bring star power to your dressing room.

Inspiration From Chic Rooms Around The Globe

Take Inspiration from Chic Rooms Around The Globe For Decorating Ideas To Bring Home
Experience all the new places that Marie Christophe’s sculptural chandeliers grace with their presence.
She created custom chandeliers for the family and pool suites in Hotel Finca Cortesin in Casares, Spain.


Come With Me, Armchair Traveler

 I’m taking inspiration from the pool suite at Hotel Finca Cortesin in Andalusia.
 I’d love to stay there if for no other reason than to wake up to the beauty of Marie Christophe’s Montgolfliere chandelier, which hangs in the bedrooms.
Until we meet and before we say nite, nite, you can see them in House & Garden (UK) and Air France Magazine 


Just Gorgeous!

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! That’s all I can say about the custom blue-and-gold crystal swan chandelier and matching wall lights Marie Christophe has created for designer Jean-Louis Deniot.

The Perfect Accent!

Whether their in a private home or a hospitality project, Adam & Viktoria’s pillows add the perfect accent as this ad from a French magazine illustrates.

The Center of Attention

Marie Christophe’s custom chandelier is the center of attention in the showroom of fashion/interior designer Pierre Louis Mascia, who is based in Milan and Toulouse.


Fall Flock

Marie Christophe’s bejeweled birdies are ready to fly into your special space.

Welcome Autumn

Adam & Viktoria welcome autumn with two new colorful collections – Gallo and Primrose. The designs, big, and beautiful, are available in rich oranges, blues and greens as well as a sugary pink and brown and a faded brown.


An Oasis Of Opulence

Marie Christophe’s wall mirrors bring a bit of fantasy into the bathroom, turning it into an oasis of opulence. 

Texture Obsessed

I am obsessed with the new Orchids Purple Blue and Primrose Lapis Lazuli; two new colors and part of the new fall collection from Adam & Viktoria.  LOVE!

My Sofa Is Going To Be Super Excited

I love the flowers of  Adam & Viktoria’s Flou, which is French for soft, fuzzy and flowing. These blooms look like they are billowing in the wind over a field.

Shining Star Of the Room

Marie Christophe’s new Rainbow chandelier is simply stunning — its the shining star of the room!

The Newest Arrival At Jo’s Farm shop

The newest arrival at Jo’s Farms shop is Marie Christophe’s coat hook/scarf holder sculpture Thistle which was originally created for Pierre Louis Mascia’s atelier in Italy and has been featured in Architectural Digest.

Shining Its Artful Light

In love with Marie Christophe’s bouteille lamp, which is wickedly wonderful and oversized just the way we like it.

Scenes From The Farm

Scenes from the farm translated by Marie Christophe… farm life is my everything!

My Favorite Still Life

Marie’s bejeweled birdies always the perfect still life.

Calming Colors

Adam & Viktoria’s beautiful patterned velvet pillows in gorgeous hues to drive away the Tuesday blues!


Colossal Candleholder

Marie Christophe’s colossal candleholder is a shapely sculpture, with or without the candle.

Delicate As Doilies

Marie Christophe’s latest lights are made to play shadow games, projecting beautiful images on the walls and ceiling.

More Homework Please

If only all schools looked like this!  Shirin Von Wulffen, co founder of Bastide and the wife of French hairstylist Frederic Fekkai, posted this beautiful photo of their son studying under an enormous custom chandelier Marie Christophe created for their home in the South of France.

All I can say is : More homework please!

Delicate As A Snowflake!

Marie Christophe’s new yellow crystal and white pearl boudoir chandelier is a delicious delight.

Swaddled in a bed of straw

This bejeweled beauty from Marie Christophe arrived swaddled in a bed of straw. Such a pretty surprise!


The Layered Look

I love the layered look … Austin-based decorator Fern Santini chose Adam & Viktoria’s pillows to bring a touch of elegance to a lake-house sofa.

Pendant Love!

I love showing off Marie Christophe’s custom work, so here’s the latest: These two lantern pendants, which are defined by blue, green and gold opaline crystals, are the focal point of a primary-suite bathroom designed by Fern Santini, who is based in Austin, Texas.   As Fern told me, “They are pure magic in that space.” I couldn’t agree more!!

Powder Room Goals!

Marie Christophe has been featured in Departures magazine yet again! The mirror she created in black, white and pink ceramic beads for a powder room for Oliver Furth’s Beverly Hills client is simply stunning – and I love the way it merges with the big-bloom peonies in the wallpaper. Talk about an indoor garden! It was an absolute pleasure to  work with Oliver Furth on this project!!


Mirror Anneaux

Marie Christophe’s Mirror Anneaux is featured in the May issue of Departures Magazine!!

Ponti Power

Glorious, gorgeous Ponti pillows shown in Dijon, Pink Lavender and Prussian Blue.  I want them all!!


Admiring Beauty

Surround yourself with what you love. In France, beauty is something to be admired in all forms.
Marie Christophe’s beautiful bright-eyed sculpture brightens every day!  Her sunny-side-up face always puts a smile on my face.  So let’s soak up some rays!

Serious Blue Crush!

Our latest home comforts

To me cushions are like paint colors- something to be changed constantly!!!

I’m All Ready For Easter!

Marie Christophe made me a chicken basket so I can collect the fresh eggs from my farm.

She’d love to make one for you, too!

Easter Ready!

Custom perch for a custom owl

My Happiness Project!

Spring brings lots of news from Jo’s Farms, our lavender farm and my new business…. We’re opening a shop for all things lavender and it is also a place where you can rediscover the most amazing works from European artists (some no longer in production ) and the most intoxicating French lavender growing in my field.
My linen bags, bundles of beauty are a reminder of the intoxicating color and perfume of my lavender garden. 



Ponti Inspired!

Inspired by Gio Ponti, Adam & Viktoria’s latest design – Ponti – comes in two sizes: lumbar, and its companion small bolster,  and lots of gorgeous hues!!!   Pink Lavender on Light Grey is my favorite!



The dazzling flight of the dragonfly…

Poetry In Wire!

 Marie Christophe is crafting this simple, spherical chandelier for a client in Paris.
It’s a custom ceiling centerpiece – it measures 43 inches by 34 inches – and when Marie completes it, it will feature signature lights.   I love watching Marie work on her works – she gives form to imagination and dreams.

Phoebe, I Saw It First!

Phoebe’s (Phoebe Philo for those of you don’t know know) Paris flat is as chic and fabulous as the clothes she created for Celine …she was the creative director of my favorite fashion label, Celine from 2008-2018.   Of course, I think I have wonderful taste, and this was reaffirmed when I found out that she purchased two of these limited edition hand woven Tibetan wool Ryan McGinness rugs for her Paris flat which was featured in Vogue US during the time I was representing Ryan’s limited edition rug collection!
It is the same Ryan McGinness rug that I own!!  It’s such an amazing artwork woven into life.  I’m not surprised that she fell in love with its graphic, figurative, and stylized imagery because it’s loaded with “Where’s Waldo?” whimsy. 

Marie’s Fairy Fingers

Perhaps it is the lack of travel, but artisan, hand crafted accents from faraway places create a global and thoughtful aesthetic while enhancing the idea of a mental escape.. and with all of us spending more time at home, these coveted pieces have the ability to transport us to faraway places!  
Let’s start with France… can we just talk about this aerial and poetic Mongolfliere chandelier made by Marie Christophe’s fairy fingers!!

Winter White Out


Winter Whites

With winter here, I’m looking forward to sitting by the fire all curled up  with lovely textiles and these one off pieces made from the wool of drents heideschaap, or sheep from the heath land of the Netherlands are just what I need.

 Just a few left in stock.


A Real Treat On The Toes

Just thinking about these Merino rough wool rugs makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.  Whether I’m looking at them draped over a pouf, bed, chair or sofa or putting them underfoot to create a rug, it’s real treat on the toes and the eyes!


Cheesecloth and Merino Wool

Delicate and beautiful pendant lights from Holland made of a see-through gown of cheesecloth with layers of merino wool adorned with undulating felt  flowers and merino felted wool borders.

So Heavenly!

Marie’s life-size angel, is a real winged wonder!

Fit For A Princess And It Really Is!

Marie Christophe’s new swan chandelier is getting the royal treatment:  It will be hanging in the home of a real-life princess who is a client of Jean-Louis Deniot.

Shining Its Artful Light

Marie Christophe’s bouteille lamp, which is wickedly wonderful, will be shining its artful light in a home in France.


Dreaming Of Cutting Flowers In My Garden

Marie Christophe’s new sparkling chandelier is filled with flowers – what a brilliant and bright bouquet in the sky!

Calming Colors of Nature

With the calming colors of nature, Adam & Viktoria’s  Japatch pillows bring in the hope and warmth of spring!

Favorite Gift of 2020


There’s A Bull In The Barn

There’s a bull in the barn, and it’s all Marie Christophe’s doing. Her animal sculptures always make me smile. How about you?

On This Start To The New Year…

 I wish you the sleeping chirps of bird songs at dawn.  I wish you that childhood sensation of being awestruck.
I wish you an endless wish of dreams and the furious desire to make some of them come true.
 I wish you to love what must be loved, and to forget what must be forgotten.  I wish you passions, I wish you silences, I wish children’s laughter.
 I wish you never to renounce the search, adventure, life, love, because life is an incredible adventure and no reasonable human being must renounce it without putting up a tough fight.
And lastly, I wish you most of all to be yourself, standing proud and happy, because happiness is our true destiny.
And to get your 2021 off to splendid start, here’s Marie Christophe’s leggiest, largest love bird. xx


Clothilde, the princess of my chicken flock, is clucking, spreading the news about all the happenings at my lavender farm that are coming in 2021.



Seek Simple Delights

On this New Year’s Day, I wish you the sleeping chirps of bird songs at dawn. Here’s one rose and one Marie Christophe love bird to get your 2021 off to a splendid start.

Leggy Love Bird

Marie Christophe’s  leggy love bird is a guest of honor at my holiday table this year (his was one of the few flights that wasn’t canceled).

This bejeweled beauty makes my celebration extra joyful!



Petit Bonheur

Little bird of happiness!!!

My Favorite Muse!

Hope Is The Thing With Feathers

Emily Dickinson’s poem “Hope is the thing with feathers” takes wing with Marie Christophe’s flock of beautiful beaded birdies.
A world filled with the sweet chirps of Marie Christophe’s wire and crystal birds…Yes, I think so!

For Days Without Flowers

Who-o-o’s your favorite sculptor?

Ours, of course, is Marie Christophe.

Holiday Bird And Holiday Cake

About Precious Things

It doesn’t have to be a holiday to dress up the dinner table. Marie Christophe’s beautiful blooms are always a welcoming sight especially in the winter!


A pair of Marie Christophe’s bluebirds, perched prettily upon a tower of tomes, are reviewing their latest reads.

Make Every Day a Special Occasion

Every day is a holiday when you set the table with Marie Christophe’s menagerie.

Seeing All The Things I Am Grateful For

When I look in Marie Christophe’s mirror, I see all the things I’m grateful for.

Such a Style -Setter!

Marie Christophe’s wee owl – such a style-setter! – is sitting pretty on a Prada book.


A Sunny Sunflower

A sunny sunflower and a herd of animals – these are among my favorite Marie Christophe things.

These Blues

Adam & Viktoria’s new blue-velvet pillows – a pair on an intense blue linen background and a pair on natural linen background – bring the Orchids pattern to life with their vivid hues.

 W-h-o can resist them?

Wise, whimsical and wonderous, Marie Christophe’s flock of owls are ready to alight in your home. W-h-o can resist them?

Wire and Wise

Marie’s owls aways create a beautiful still life

At My Holiday Table

At my holiday table, the bird of the big day meets Marie Christophe’s – together, they create a beautiful centerpiece.

A Peck For A Pumpkin

Marie Christophe’s little birdie, who flies with wings of gold, has taken a fancy to this gorgeous gourd.

The Little Things

I appreciate the simple things in life – this adorable owl, the chirp of a bird, the buzzing of a bee, the bloom of a flower, the dazzling flight of the dragonfly – and Marie Christophe’s sculptures bring them home to me every day of the year.

The Pleasures of Home

Richly Colored

Mirage in Arabian Night is richly colored and I just adore the painterly inlay detail. Bonita Ahuja’s hand woven silk and merino new textile with its gentle stripe of  midnight blue and khaki and richly colored selvedges in aquamarine and terracotta is how I define fabric with a good feeling!

Playful Luminosity!

Bonita Ahuja’s new textile called Blaze in gorgeous emerald green is my new obsession. This beautiful handwoven silk and merino wool textile is created with metallic thread trapped within square pockets creating a playful luminosity.

This Glorious Scene

It’s all chic silver and white at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City, where Adam & Viktoria’s Chrysanthemum Oyster pillows have found a gorgeously comfortable spot to lounge.

One of my most favorite fun and fashionable projects … it was such a honor for me to be asked to consult on the  design of this chic space a second time!

They make my heart sing!

Stylish Still Life..Just Add An Owl

This wire-wise owl will brighten up any room in your home!

My petite lavender farm and its heavenly scent

I’ve designed my life by creating and cultivating beautiful spaces,  and now I’ve created something special just for you. My petite lavender farm in New Mexico brings me so much beauty that I want to share its heavenly scent with you.


My Obsession!

My latest creation is French lavender linen bags. They are designed to be tucked between your sheets and towels in your linen closet so they release their delicious perfume. I also like to use them in the dryer to perfume  my clothes and laundry room.  I’m hanging them in closets and every other place I can think of.  I can’t wait for you to experience the uplifting joy of lavender, the plant of unparalleled wellness!

Lavender, the plant of unparalleled wellness!

With the summer harvest done, the linen bags will be a daily reminder of my lavender garden’s intoxicating color and perfume, of the buzzing of busy bees, of the beautiful birds and of the smiling faces of the giant sunflowers.

Lustre Branche

Marie Christophe’s latest crystal chandelier – Lustre Fleur Branche – was three months in the making. It was sure worth the wait. The stunner is 45 inches high and 36 inches wide and has five birds, including an owl and a parrot, seven lights and a crystal medallion. It’s going to brighten a kitchen in Austin, Texas.

Branche Beautiful

Obsessed with this stunner..can’t wait to see it installed!!

Texture and Pattern!

Chinoiserie has such a wonderfully organic design in velvet appliqué that sparkles with sequins and silver metallic embroidery.

Wonderfully Organic

Kick off the new fall season with Adam & Viktoria’s gorgeous, beautifully patterned velvet pillows.

When you add texture and pattern, it is like an herb and spice!

This Adorable Owl!!

Atelier Of My Dreams!

Fashion designer, Pierre Louis Mascia has been a long-time fan of the whimsical wire works of Marie Christophe and I just adore how he uses Marie’s sculptures to display his coveted creations.

Fabulously Chic!

There’s just something about French women — the way they dress is completely understated yet always chic. 

They can, for instance, look exotic and glam by simply slinging a silk scarf around their necks. 

So I’m not surprised that Marie Christophe, my favorite Frenchwoman, designed these wonderfully witty wall sculptures to hold scarves!
I have to say, they’re just as gorgeous hanging solo and I want them all!!

Freshen up your laundry routine 

Give your clothes, bedlinen and towels the scent of Provence.  I have just created lovely linen dryer bags filled with our intoxicating french lavender to share with all of you.

My clothes smell oh-so-sweet, and I feel like I’m in Provence, my favorite place.

Falling Into Fall

In their latest textile collection, Adam & Viktoria have added a paintbrush to their palette: Their hand-painted shimmering,  dappled velvets, available in six colorways by the yard/meter are truly are one-of-a-kind works of art inspired by nature.

Just Add Some Fresh Greens

Hand painted gorgeous green velvets just for you!

Such Gorgeousness

We’ve just made up some  pillows …. and yes, they do feel as good as they look!!


Such A Charmer!


Scent is Everything!

I love to see my laundry hanging on the line, soaking up the sunshine with my linen French lavender dryer bags..and the scent just makes me happy!

Sculpting Creativity!

See and read about Marie Christophe’s wiry, glittering critters and whimsical creations in the latest issue of My French Country Home,

Hand Painted Velvets

In their latest textile collection, Adam & Viktoria have added a paintbrush to their palette: Their hand-painted velvets, available in six colorways by the yard/meter and we have just introduced the hand painted velvet cushions. Truly are one-of-a-kind works of art!!  Swooning over these

Monday Blues!

Beach Ready!

I love my beach bag adorned with Marie Christophe’s crystal butterfly and dragonfly.


Elle Decor September 2020


Jean-Louis Deniot and Marie Christophe

“I decided to go through every single cliché of a French country house,” Deniot says. What makes the French country house is the law of opposites,” Deniot says. “It’s what makes it decadent, not to be taken seriously, and user-friendly.”  To that end, Jean-Louis commissioned Marie Christophe to create a lovely sheep in wire adorned with white and black ceramics.  It stands proudly in front of stacks of  Hermès boxes which create a vibrant orange sculpture in the sitting room off the main bedroom suite of Jean-Louis Deniot’s country house 30 miles outside of Paris.  You can read all about it in the September issue of Elle Decor magazine!!!

Beachy Vibe

 Love a beachy vibe …and the fact that it makes me feel a little like I’m on permanent vacation. I always walk around my house barefoot in caftans and summer dresses, and always fantasizing that I am strolling on a beautiful beach somewhere far away.
Adding touches such as Marie Christophe’s Ibiza chandelier accented with wooden and ceramic beads,  channels this feeling.  It’s all about beauty and the beach vibes. 

The Perfect Perch

Marie’s Christophe’s colorful new bird-cage chandelier is off to the perfect perch: A kitchen in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where it will hang in a corner overlooking a window so the little birdies can chirp about the desert and mountain views.

Visit Memories If Not Places

Shell-Bougainvillea brings summer home, evoking memories of happy days lying by the cold, blue sea. The silk and merino textile, handwoven, hand dyed and hand appliqued, is dove grey, oatmeal and lilac with shots of cobalt blue, fuchsia, scarlet and mustard.


Waterfall Revels In The Details

Waterfall – Dusk,  one of the new handwoven silk, merino and cashmere textile designs from Bonita Ahuja revels in the details. Its chalk pastels – sage, taupe, ochre, grey and pink – are embellished at the corners with hand-embroidery that looks like flying cranes or gentle wavelets.

Keeping Things In Order and Perspective

Balance- Cairo, from Bonita Ahuja’s new textile collection, is all about keeping things in order and perspective. The silk, merino and cashmere work, which evokes the image of a kimono, becomes a soft curtain, throw or bedcover.  It features a striped design, in ash grey, teal and ochre, and is accented with blush selvedges.


A Burst of Sunny Color

Add a burst of sunny color to your home with Adam & Viktoria’s latest collection of pillows. The glowing golds and citrus oranges are guaranteed to chase your blues away.

Sophisticated and Subtle

Adam & Viktoria’s new pillow collection is a wonderful way to bring style to any space. Create your own look – mix and match to mimic your mood.

Invite some special guests to your summer dinner table

These Creatures Are Captivating!

Hello, SUMMER!! In the MOOD FOR…

What’s on my summer table?
Crab, lobster, octopus and a sea urchin of course!  
The whimsical, enchanting wire creations from Marie Christophe’s wiry imagination set your summer table for summer fun in the sun.  

La Vie En Rose

Fusing Traditional & Modern Motifs

 Fusing traditional and modern motifs with super-saturated colors is what makes Adam & Viktoria’s pillows and textiles so coveted.

Super-Saturated Colors

Stockholm-based Viktoria Nygren and Adam Gistedt of Adam & Viktoria create the loveliest of hand-dyed linen and appliquéd velvet pillows in Pre-Raphaelite colors — ruby roses, peacock blues and brilliant jades — combined with fruit and floral motifs pleasingly plucked from vintage wallpapers and Oriental rugs, these decorative cushions  dare to be different. 

Monkey Butterfly Tree

Marie Christophe’s wiry sense of humor is on display in her latest sculpture — a monkey lounging in a tree watching a butterfly wing its way through the sky.

Want, Need, MUST HAVE!!!  Obsessed with this magnificent sculpture.

What a honey he is!

I have a sweet spot for the black-eyed bear in Marie Christophe’s new menagerie.

Adorned with a pair of tweeting birdies

Marie Christophe’s latest lamp proffers the promise of summer: It is adorned with a pair of tweeting birdies who have caged a beautiful butterfly.


Marie Christophe’s Latest Pendant Light…

This lovely pendant light has a little birdie flying high in a dramatic sky of green opaline crystals and blue jade.

Tranquil Beauty in Nature Reminds Us About Life

Jo’s Lavender Farms is open for business! I named the farms for my mother, whom everyone knew as Jo, because she had a great fondness for gardening, lavender and the color purple, and my new business cards are based on a vintage photo of her that’s one of my favorites. We’ll be in full bloom in one week; I can’t wait for the harvest!!

Spring’s Happy Hues!


Calming Colors

Drive away the Monday blues with Adam & Viktoria’s calm colors.

One Magnificent Beastie

Marie Christophe’s Tiger, inspired by a rug, is one magnificent beastie. Bold and beautiful, he’s the ultimate wall ornament.

Hear Us Roar

Hear us roar about this new sculptural masterpiece by Marie Christophe.

Colorful Character

Marie Christophe’s new parrot, perched on a natural branch, is a colorful character.

Inspiration from The Sea

Bring in the feel of the sea with Marie Christophe’s stingray sculpture.

Le Muget

Happy May Day!

One of the loveliest of French traditions.

To this day, the French buy lily of the valley plants for their friends and family on May 1st as a token of appreciation and to bring happiness and good luck.
I have had the absolute pleasure of being in France many times to experience this beautiful tradition.   The sweet intoxicating fragrance of Lily of The Valley is everywhere.   The lovely Lily of Valley plants and bouquets can be found in almost every shop window..many people are selling bouquets and plants on street corners.  It is pure joy to be in France on this day.
To honor this day, Marie Christophe has created a beautiful Lily of the Valley sculpture for you!

My Garden of Joy

My home garden is filled with beautiful bouquets by Adam & Viktoria – their Papillion and Niwa collections sing of spring.


Spring Things!

If you’re blue, think yellow – that’s what I’m doing this spring. I was inspired by Adam & Viktoria’s Aster, Papallion and Trellis collections. Birds, berries and butterflies fluttering in a burst of acid-yellow sunshine – what could be more happy and full of hope?



When You Need A Friend

How is Marie Christophe spending her stay-at-home time?  Well, she’s working on a lot of new designs, including this sculpture, which is keeping her company while she can’t visit her friends.   One wonders what they chat about!

Supremely Sensuous

Making The Cut

With their kimono-inspired cuts and Asian-influenced motifs, Adam & Viktoria’s new Kyoto pillows are perfect when paired with the design pair’s other offerings.

Recipe For Easter

Farm fresh eggs, yummy chocolate and a beautiful bejeweled birdie!


A Garden In The Sky

You don’t have to go outside to see the spring flowers in full bloom – Marie Christophe’s new crystal-petal chandeliers are gardens in the sky.

Glitter Pus

Marie Christophe’s glittering candelabra makes the Baccarat crystals shine bright

Brilliant Bouquet In The Sky!

Marie’s Christophe’s new sparkling chandelier is filled with the lovely blooms ~ what a brilliant and bright bouquet in the sky!

For The Love of Italy!

Pompeii sculpture made of wooden beads and ceramics.

Bird Brain

As styled high by Marie Christophe!

This Beautiful Beast!

Bring In Spring!

Spring’s Sweetest Tweet!

Gorgeous Groupings!

Crocuses and daffodils are lifting their heads up to the spring sky, and Adam & Viktoria are adding to the annual parade of colors with their pillow designs. Foliage Pink, Pinto Bordeaux, Giant Trellis Brown/Candy Pink  – I love them all!  Which is your favorite?

Budding Bouquets

The new Ombre Antiguo Mandarin Orange is paired with beautiful patterns and colorways to stunning effect that pop.  I love it paired with Peonia and Meander Garden pictured here, which are designed to look as fresh as newly cut flowers.

A beautiful sight to behold.


Spring is Here!

Spring is finally here, and Marie Christophe’s beetles and dragonflies are having an indoor parade.  It makes me happy just seeing them in their Sunday best! 

The Beauty of Birds, Paris

Wings of Light

Marie Christophe’s insect chandelier takes flight in a chic outdoor setting in Monaco.

The Buzz

What’s the buzz all about? The dragonflies and butterflies that are circling Marie Christophe’s new wire and bead chandelier.

Spring Tweets!

Spring  It On!!


Not All Art Is Made For The Wall

In this Hollywood Hills living room, it’s the Marie Christophe lamp that sheds light on the brilliant nature of the collection!

1stdibs featured Marie Christophe’s Lamp Galet in the fabulous Hollywood Hills living room designed by Nickey & Amy Kehoe of Nickey Kehoe Design.  The artful mastery of the cool collected  art (don’t you just love that gallery wall!) paired with Marie’s coveted Lamp Galet really  elevates this space…playful, personal and quietly clever; the ethos of this design duo!

Lustre Noir

1stdibs Magazine featured Marie Christophe’s Lustre Noir chandelier in its Feb. 27 edition. I’m not surprised – this piece has always been one of my favorites. The story profiles the work of Dutch architect Jan Monique Des Bouvrie. It was she who commissioned not only the Lustre Noir chandelier but also Marie’s life-size angel, a real winged wonder, for her client’s home.


Double Bouquet of Beauty

What’s more beautiful than one Marie Christophe chandelier?   Two, of course!

Apparently French beauty guru Frederic Fekkai thought so – he commissioned her to create a pair of custom Lustre Rose chandeliers to illuminate a dining table in his estate in the South of France. You can see it in Architectural Digest and L’Officel de la Mode.

Marie Christophe’s Premier Chandelier

Montgolfiere, which was the inspiration for all of her other custom lighting fixtures, makes everything more romantic.  Her very first chandelier, Montgolfliere featured in Cote Sud in 1999, is still stylish, still so highly coveted among my clients and is still one of my favs after all of these years!

Romantic light

Imagine all the enchanting dinner-party conversations you can have under its romantic light.

The Beauty of This Magnificent Sculpture


Abre de vie Pierre Louis Mascia

If you’re longing for spring (and who isn’t?) Marie Christophe’s tree of life sculpture, filled with fanciful flowers and fluttering birds, will certainly get you in the mood.

Tree of Life

Adam & Viktoria’s laser cut metal floor screen is magical tree where cherries, roses and pomegranates grow, and birds flutter.

A Tribute To All That Grows and Blooms

Inspired by the secret gardens of children’s fairytales where fruits and flowers sing on the wings of fluttering birds.  Birds of paradise floor screen evoke memories of fantastically over decorated woods, wonderland and secret gardens.

Rich and Delicious Combos

New Year Blues

No. 5 Maddox Street, London

Nautilus brings the sun (and the stars) in at No. 5 Maddox Street Hotel in London.

Adam & Viktoria created the custom pillows for the suites and lobby of this cosy boutique hotel in London.

California Dreaming

Can we just talk about this dreamy California space featuring Adam & Viktoria’s Turkish Delight Grey Istanbul Blue pillows?

This Fabulous Flock

Marie Christophe’s bejeweled birds are singing a spring song to scare away winter.

The Murano Experience

Breakfast in bed with Adam & Viktoria’s Nautilus Parrot Red Hazelnut velvet pillows created excessively for the Hotel Murano in Tacoma Washington.

It’s All About The Well Curated Mix

It’s no wonder that Mecox Gardens is the nation’s most trusted source for home decor. This is one of my favorite displays at the Southampton location featuring Jody Isaacson’s waxwork bottles.

Comfortable Vibes That Are Easy on The Eyes


About Precious Things

Happy Clients Make Me Happy!

Green With Envy!!


Art Inspired

Adam & Viktoria’s latest collection was inspired by South Korean artist/potter, Lee Kang-hyo’s performance at the East Asian Museum in Stockholm.   The artist/potter, Lee Kang -hyo working in a traditional technique making the pots, splashes and throws paint on his enormous pots while doing a dance-like movement. Adam & Viktoria’s love of nature, and animal fur and feathers was also the inspiration for this collection.


Winter Wonderland

My beautiful little lavender field is all cozy in a blanket of snow.

Winterizing My Home!!!


Princess Room

Striking A Proud Pose

This little princess is so proud of her Marie Christophe fixture that was just installed in her lovely bedroom.

Lucky girl!!

Making Every Space Special

I’ve always said that Marie Christophe’s pendants make every space special, so I’m not surprised that clients are commissioning them for luxury bathrooms. Recently, her Shanghai pendants have been suspended to stunning effect in master suites in Texas and California. This one is the latest created in blue and green opaline crystal from Murano framed in gold. Such a stunner!!!

A Peck for A Pumpkin

Marie Christophe’s little birdie, who flies with wings of gold, has taken a fancy to this gorgeous gourd.



Busy Bees For Jean-Louis

And a pair of busy bee sconces for Jean0Louis Deniot’s Los Angeles house just landed in the upstairs alcove.  The perfect spot!  Featured in Elle Decoration France.

Black Beauty

Marie Christophe’s high-wire crystal chandeliers always remind me of Cinderella – whether they’re dancing over the pool or brightening the bedroom, they’re always the belles of the ball.

And in this custom creation, the transparent crystals act as earrings to the necklace of black crystals.

Tribute To Louise Bourgeois

It was sculptor Louise Bourgeois who gave the spider legs, leaving it to Marie Christophe to spin off an itsy-bitsy arachnid that’s all wire and no web.

Unlike Louise’s sinister giants, Marie’s little guy is spry and springy  — a spiraling Slinky gone awry and so harmless that it wouldn’t – and couldn’t – hurt a fly.

Without exaggeration, I can say that her work made me appreciate EVERYTHING!

Spidey Comes a Calling

Marie Christophe’s black beauty arrives in time for Halloween!

In Bed With Jean-Louis Deniot

Elle Déco France just featured the custom chandelier and pair of bee sconces Marie Christophe made for Jean-Louis Deniot’s Los Angeles house. As you can see, the magazine has exquisite taste.

A Study in Rich Hues

Adam & Viktoria’s Pinto Large, Tulipa  Meadow, and Ombre Tribe, grouped together are a study in rich hues.

I’ve Got The Adam & Viktoria Blues

Pinto Large and Tulipa Meadow in Delft Blue!

Brilliant and Bright Bouquet In The Sky!

Marie Christophe’s new sparkling chandelier is filled with crystal flowers  – what a brilliant and bright bouquet in the sky.

Loving Los Poblanos Historic Inn

Clients that visit my studio  love to to go Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm, which is just down the road.  So come on by and see me and the collections I represent and stay at this beautiful, inspiring historic inn.  Did I mention the lavender fields, lotus pond, alpacas and peacocks!  My happy place!

Beauties in Black

Some lovely basic blacks from Adam & Viktoria.

Rainbow In The Sky

Marie Christophe’s zipped dog created for Hermes just debuted in Dutch Vogue Living.  Don’t you love his technicolor dreamcoat made of 500 zippers?

A Confection In Wire And White

Marie Christophe calls her latest hanging wonder, a confection in wire and white, Tangerine. Made for the master bath of a private house, it gets its exotic name from a chandelier she created for Bruno Frisoni for his Tangiers home. My client is as excited as I am to install this beauty!!

Simply Magical

Just got back from Paris, where I saw Marie Christophe’s new mirror and lamp. Accented with opaline crystals from Murano, they are simply magical!

Pillows as Gorgeous As Autumn’s Trees

The leaves aren’t the only things turning orange this autumn. Adam & Viktoria’s latest collection of pillows is as glorious as the trees. Even their Andromeda chair, so sleek and chic, is getting into the fall act with a gorgeous orange-red accent.

Andromeda’s Gorgeous Accent

Adam & Viktoria’s  Andromeda chair, so sleek and chic, is getting into the fall act with a gorgeous orange-red accent.


A Sparkling Chandelier Filled With Flowers

Marie Christophe’s new sparkling chandelier is filled with flowers – what a brilliant and bright bouquet in the sky!

Lizard Love


Boho Chic

Marie Christophe’s Gypsy light has the right vibe for the beach and beyond.

Quite The Charmer

Marie Christophe’s frog, bulging eyes and all, is quite the charmer and looks right at home in my dressing room next to my shoes.

Pile on the Pillows!

Which ones will you make yours?

Meet Guerlain’s golden cousin!!

Shalimar is a confection in gold!

Marie’s Latest Big Ideas Are Tiny..

Big enough to light upon your shoulders.  Although designed to be brooches, when grouped together, they can turn your wall into high wire art!  Love the octopus!!
Collection  also includes scrabbling scarabs and busy bees!

Adam & Viktoria’s New Collection Is Here!

I love the flowers of  Flou, which is French for soft, fuzzy and flowing. These blooms look like their billowing in the wind over a field. They could be poppies or anemones or anything you’d like in your bouquet.

Discreet Yet Opulent

One of the more subtle styless from Adam & Viktoria’s new collection is Fish-skin. Discreet yet opulent, it blends with plethora of patterns.

Tiptoeing Through The Tulipas

Adam & Viktoria’s new Tulipa pattern channels medallion wallpaper, tiles and 1960s dresses. It comes in two colors — Jungle Green and Saphir and Marine Thistle, each planted on a an intense blue chambray linen.


Shalimar Lights Up A Living Room IN Ibiza

I’m delighted to report that Marie Christophe’s Shaliimar chandelier is hanging out in a chic living room in Ibiza. Its golden cousin is illuminating Guerlain in Versailles.

Marie Christophe’s Works Never Cease to Amaze Me

In this photo, taken in Paris at the Hotel Le Belle Juliette,  I’m gazing at one of her belle birds that’s suspended in mid-flight in a stairwell.

Pretty Pairs Paired!

What’s more beautiful than one Marie Christophe chandelier….
Two, of course!  Apparently, French beauty guru Frederic Fekkai thought so – he commissioned her to create a pair of custom Lustre Rose chandeliers to illuminate a dining room in his house in the South of France.

When Two Is Better Than One!

Prune and gold crystal chandeliers dancing in the light of this contemporary dining room.


Ombre Tribe pillows featured on HGTV’s Green Home.

Design Details

Way back in 2009, HGTV’s “Green Home” featured Adam & Viktoria’s Ombre Tribe pillows in a segment about an environmentally friendly space. Well, today, that space could get a whole lot friendlier with the duo’s new textile and wall covering, which is bold and lush and on my wish!

Flying JellyFish

Pierre Louis Mascia, an illustrator-turned fashion designer, who creates the loveliest of luxurious shawls, blankets, bags, and clothing commissioned Marie Christophe to create several squiggly, jiggly, jellyfish sculptures for his Milan atelier. 

Her stunning, colorful jellyfish sculptures include trailing tentacles made of brightly colored ribbons.  


Exotic Loveliness

I simply can’t wait for the arrival of autumn because that’s when Adam & Viktoria will be launching their new pillow collections.  Can you believe it?  
The new collection arrives in September and I will be taking orders in September for delivery at the beginning of 2020!  Stay tuned….

Gorgeous Golden Hues

Rich and Opulent

Falling for fall velvets!

Decorative Artist To Watch: The Style Saloniste

“Come with me this week to meet Marie Christophe and see how her witty and charming and artful handcrafted and custom-made wire sculptures, often in classical forms, are persuading her followers to lighten up”.

I love the portrait you painted of Marie Christophe and such an honor to be mentioned in The Style Saloniste!!!!


La Vie Parisienne–So French and So Fabulously Chic!

There’s just something about French women — the way they dress is completely understated yet always chic. They look exotic and glam by simply slinging a silk scarf around their necks.

So I’m not surprised that Marie Christophe, my favorite Frenchwoman, designed these wonderfully witty wall sculptures to hold scarves!



Right At Home By The Seaside

Marie Christophe’s new sconces will be right at home by the seaside.  Rendered in her signature wire, they were inspired by coral reefs.  So gorgeous in white!

Two Birds in Flight Alight Flying Home

Two birds in flight alight on Marie Christophe’s stunning eight-light chandelier.  What else could she call it but Lustre Oiseau?  This beauty is flying to its new home in Austin, Texas later today. Lucky client!

Meanwhile Down in Gers

Marie Christophe is a star! OK, we know that but the local magazine Plaisir du Gers in her town just discovered her and wrote a nine-page story about her and her studio. Brava!

Marie Christophe… Gers


Chandelier of Gers



Marie Christophe is a star! OK, we know that but the local magazine Plaisir du Gers in her town just discovered her and wrote a nine-page story about her and her studio. Brava!

Sunflower Summer Days

Marie Christophe’s Sunflower sculpture reminds me once again that the lovely days of summer really are endless.

Mirror Sculpture

 I am just obsessed with Marie Christophe’s custom mirror sculpture for jeweler Marie Helene de Taillac New York!  

At 79 inches L x 59 inches W ….it features 10 mirrors.  

At Home With Jean-Louis

The July issue of AD features the LA home of  Paris based global  design star and world traveler, Jean-Louis Deniot and the custom chandelier Marie Christopher made for the bedroom. Set in the white rafters, the four-light fixture, adorned with black, white and gold ceramics, is a dynamic constellation that spins a new look. You can see more of his “honey hue” and his spectacular home in July Architectural Digest magazine!!

Flying Home

Latest birdcage fixture is flying to its new home!

Seeing Double With Marie Christophe

Look, there’s an octopus in the mirror, mirror on the wall!


Mirror, Mirror

A Wag to Marie Christophe’s Cute Canines And The Dog Days of Summer

Wiry and whimsical.  Adorable and artistic. Gorgeous and gleeful.

Unleashing Art

I’m in puppy love, so I’m claiming wagging rights to the newest members of Marie Christophe’s menagerie. Her posed pooches are, of course, all wire-hair.

Being high art, they are perfectly house trained: They don’t shed, they don’t need walking and they don’t chew up your Adam & Viktoria pillows when you’re gone for the afternoon.

What better way to give your pooch a pat on the back than to commission Marie to cast him or her for posterity. It’s a guaranteed tail-wagger.


Puppy Love

Marie Christophe’s dog sculpture, created for Hermes’ window, gets an amazing technicolor dreamcoat of 500 zippers

Technicolor Dreamcoat

My favorite dog featured in Hermes’ window in Paris!

I Can’t Stop Admiring Jean-Louis’ Balcony View


Comfy Chic

Decorative pillows are like a facelift for your sofa.   I just love how Adam & Viktoria’s gorgeous velvets in bright hues and luxe details transform my client’s family room in Beverly Hills!  Interior design by Storm Interiors.

Summer’s Sunny Side

Leggy birds

Marie Christophe’s leggy birds make a fine and funny flock. Originally created for Bruno Frisoni, they flew through the pages of Domino magazine and eventually landed in a Paris shop called Talc.  Now, they’re ready to wing their way to your home.



Bouquet, Bonita Ahuja’s new hand-woven silk textile in champagne and sage, uses shadow and light to delight the eyes.

What you can’t see is just as exciting as what’s in plain view.

Beauty Takes Root

Beauty takes root in Bonita Ahuja’s new Seed textile, which is inspired by nature. The hand embroidery adds a precious, personal touch.

Luxuriously Layered

Bonita Ahuja’s delicate hand woven fabrics are created with great emphasis on color and detail all hand stitched into luxuriously layered lovely patterns.

Seed, Hand Embroidered Beauty By Bonita Ahuja

It’s all in the details.. hand embroidered cotton thread on hand woven silk.  Simply gorgeous!

The Beauty of Bonita Ahuja’s Hand Processes

“What makes my textiles special is that I strive to make the mark of the hand visible in them. I consciously use techniques which cannot be copied by mechanised methods of weaving, such as incorporating vintage silk and lace and light reflective materials like floating sequins into layers of weave.  Such spontaneity is only possible during hand weaving and makes each fabric unique”

Layers of Loveliness!

Incorporating vintage silk and lace and light reflective materials like floating sequins into layers of weave   during Bonita Ahuja’s hand weaving makes each fabric truly unique..  I love her layers of loveliness!

Vibrant Strong Color

Fresh and contrasted atmosphere… color palette love!

Wonderful Whimsical Pairing

Marie Christophe’s over-the-top custom candle chandelier, in chic crystals, was designed to accent Elitis France’s new collection of colorful fabrics and accessories. What a wonderfully whimsical pairing!


Playing Chicken In The Kitchen

Marie Christophe’s funny fowl is a devout vegetarian!

Marie Christophe Let The Dog In

Her elegant wirework Levrier Afghan Hound is beautiful and bold.

Whimsical Wire Structures

Marie Christophe uses her whimsical wire structures, which range from candle chandeliers and floor lamps to elaborate animal forms, to weave her own fairy tales.

Her custom Cinderella chandeliers, ball gowns woven in wire, strut their  magic with sparkling crystals.  My favorite is the candle chandelier pictured here in this month’s  7 page feature in Living Etc Magazine!


Marie’s green fish has me dreaming of the sea


Haut Hot

Marie Christophe’s new  bright- eyed sun lamp keeps my sunny side up. Its interplay of wire and ceramic beads reminds me once again that the lovely days of summer really are endless.  All I have to do is look at Marie’s sun, and they shine brightly and spotlessly in the corners of my mind.



The owl lamp finds a sunny spot to roost

Ideat Magazine Mai 2019

Lunch is Served!

Tiny Tweeters

These little beauties sure don’t need Twitter accounts to get attention.

Stylish Office Still Life

Look who made an appearance in Amanda Ross (aka Arossgirl’s) stylish office.   Swooning over her chic office decor. Marie Christophe’s adorable owl sculpture seems quite happy here!

Color Story- Wax Bottles

From Wax To Woodcut

The beautiful bottles of Jody Isaascon are really something to cheer about!

Pendant Obsessed!

I have a serious case of the Shanghai blues.. three shades of blues, I should say!

Beach Blues

Mecox Gardens’ Southampton, shop has the beach blues. Mecox turned its flagship emporium into an art showplace with Jody Isaascson’s suspended waxwork bottle sculptures. I love how they greet the customers when they walk through the front door.

Look What I Caught!

Marie’s fish adds such character to a wall.  Bending and twisting wire into objects that look like three-dimensional hand drawings that come to life….that is her skill.

Swim With The Big Fish

Artfully displayed..


One Is Fine, But…

One is fine, but I’m inclined to pair two.  How about you?

Swimming In The Deep Blue Sea

Marie Christophe’s Poisson lamp is taking a summer swim in the depths of the dining room. Marie created the fun finny for a client of Double G Architecture in Paris.


Great Pieces Look Wonderful Wherever You Put Them

Marie Christophe’s Hibou lamp made a cameo appearance in Traditional Home’s feature on London interior designer, Suzy Hoodless.

The Hibou lamp isn’t exactly traditional, but it proves that great pieces look wonderful wherever you put them.

Because I’m A Farm Girl Now!

Refined Rustic

” For a sophisticated take on down-home whimsy, mix natural textures with bright colors in the kitchen.(And a wire chicken never hurts, either.)”

Thank you Conde Nast Living Escapes Magazine!!  I couldn’t agree with you more:-))!

Coming Home To Roost

Designer Brian J. McCarthy posed Marie Christophe’s chicken and rooster wirework sculptures in his client’s farmhouse.

So happy they found a good home!

Crowing About My Fine Feathered Friends

Going With This Glow

A delight even when it’s not a light!

Spring Bird Song


This Swarm

It’s all about the  busy bees .. they are lovely hanging solo, but when grouped together, they can turn your wall into a high-wire swarm that’s ready to take flight.


Queen Bee

Swim With this Fish


Saying Is Believing

Welcome to my world, where the ideas that I see in my head take shape in your home.

A simple sentiment echos how I feel about my world and what I see!


Turner Ah!

Jody’s wax work sculptures suspend belief when they are suspended from the ceiling – you can’t help but look up at her aerial designs.


Waiting To Find A Good Home

Which Adam & Viktoria pillows will you choose?

I want Them All!


Looking For A Unique Piece?

Lustre Murano strikes the perfect balance between elegance and modernity.
I love this dreamy bedroom.  Designed by Brian J. McCarthy, it brings the beach to the feet.
To really relax, all you have to do is look up: Marie Christophe’s crystal and wire chandelier is a meditation on green and blue.  
You can read all about it in the latest issue of Elle Decor Maagazine!

Hitting The Wall

Adam & Viktoria have taken their designs off the sofa and put them on the wall.  Their first- art wallcovering, all aglow with silver leaves made of silver leaf.  A paradise scene with hummingbirds and sweet nectar. Gorgeous blooms are somewhere between fruit and flower. I don’t know which I adore more – the wallcovering or the pillows, so I’m going for both!


Stringing Beads

Every time I see one of Marie Christophe’s illuminated works, I’m enlightened. 
This 7-foot one, called Lamp Flora, created for India Mahdavi, has quite a presence.
It reminds me of a store mannequin, but in this case, its looks best when it’s dressed down.

Over The Moon

Marie Christophe’s man on the moon can’t take his eyes off her new bouteille floor lamp.  Neither can I!


No Green Thumb Required

Everybody’s talking about “green” gardens, but you can’t get much greener than the planting that Marie Christophe created for this outdoor space in Paris. You don’t have to water her wire sculpture, and you don’t have to take care of it. The real beauty of it is that it grows not up or out but on you.
OK, if you’re a traditionalist who can’t see your way to leaving it plain, you can train a vine to climb up its lovely form.

All Abuzz

Creature Comforts

CityBook Magazine welcomes spring with the fantastical beehive chandelier by Marie Christophe!

Highly Coveted and Infinitely Collectible

Marie’s work enhances any space. Luxury houses, including Guerlain, Roger Vivier, Louis Vuitton, Dior,  Hermès and Cartier, have identified her unique ability and commissioned her for their windows and shop interiors. 
Jean-Louis Deniot is a devoted fan.

Guerlain and Gilded Bees

The custom 7′ LED chandelier  that Marie Christophe created for Guerlain’s shop, Cour des Senteurs ( a boutique stocked with scented products on the Rue de la Chancellerie)  in Versailles is inspired by the palace’s chandeliers and by the gilded bees on vintage Guerlain perfume bottles.  It’s wirework frame is hung with golden crystal, some sourced from flea markets.

A confection in gold!

Meet Shalimar

Marie Christophe’s newest bright idea is a colossal chandelier that’s a cousin to the one she created for Guerlain’s shop in Versailles.  This six-lighter is a beautiful beast – it is 4.25 feet high and over 2 feet wide – and it’s waiting to be looked up to.  It will reside in a chic living room in Ibiza!

Table Talk

I’m throwing together a small dinner parter and I wanted to create a centerpiece that will be a true conversation piece. My mind was on spring flowers in a vase, but that’s an idea that’s been done to death. Then I remembered the gilded wire birdcages that Marie Christophe crafted to highlight the high heels of Roger Vivier. Leave it to Marie to create a witty centerpiece that’s literally the center of attention.


Candlelight and Witty Centerpieces

Marie Christophe’s witty centerpieces … beautiful gilded birdcages used to restrain Bruno Frisoni’s stilettos are on the menu and featured in Harper’s Bazaar magazine!


Candlelight at dinner party is the most radiant guest… don’t you agree?

Tapered Candles Are Having A Moment…

Chasing Away The Winter Blues

Marie Christophe’s bird is singing a spring song to scare away winter – and Marie’s bejeweled bugs.



Curves and Rings

With its curves and curlicues rings, Marie Christophe’s latest wirework chandelier literally reaches new heights – the six-light piece, which will grace the ceiling of a living room in Ibiza, is 4.25 feet high and over two feet wide.  Lovely isn’t it?

The Elephant In The Room Is Marie Christophe’s Masterwork In Wire


An Artistic Frame

A circular sun-like mirror sculpture by Marie Christophe becomes an artistic frame and a foil for her wiry bicycle.


Shapely Waxwork Sculptures

A kaleidoscope of color and assorted shapes! Modeled after vintage bottles and molded in wax, these shape shifting wax bottle sculptures are all about the details.. right down to the hanging strings which are dyed with plant materials and indigo.

Dutch Blue Felt Tiles

The trompe l’oeil teased my designer’s eye with Frisian-style designs in Dutch-blue merino wool.

These 18-inch tiles mounted solo as artwork create a lovely still life.



“Lightness is Always Important in My Work”– Marie Christophe

Marie Christophe’s wire works caught the attention of Attitude magazine, which featured her in the latest issue

Attitude Magazine

This Classic Chandelier

Marie Christophe’s ceramic chandelier, a classic, has all the charm and exuberance of a child’s toy.


A Mechanic’s Dream


It’s a car, yes, but in Marie Christophe’s Paris atelier, it looks like a red bull in a chandelier shop.  I like to think of it as heavy metal at the wire.


My Favorite Fairytale is any book that features Marie Christophe’s enchanting creations!

Kicking off 2019 with  my favorite new book by Helen Lambert Kennedy called Unique Pieces Artists and Artisans and our darling Marie Christophe has a beautiful 5 page feature in the book!!

Unique Pieces Artists and Artisans

Lustre Oiseau, Marie Christophe’s very first bird chandelier is featured in Helen Lambert Kennedy’s Unique Pieces Artists and Artisans


Unique Pieces Artists and Artisans

Go shopping in high style … with Marie Christophe’s chic crock, who is carrying a handbag on his back. She created this beautiful creature for Beynat et Janniaux, Paris. In case you’re wondering, that’s the shop that makes the crocodile-skin bags for Vuitton and Hermes.  The cute croc has just made his debut in the new book, Unique Pieces  Artists and Artisans by Helen Lambert Kennedy

Welcome 2019!

I see you 2019!

Sparkling Treasures

Just add a little glittering bug to complete a beautiful still-life.

It’s the little details.. in this case, Marie Christophe’s sparkling little scarab dresses up a table.


Amp Up The Atmosphere

Back to work …office inspo.!!

One of Marie Christophe’s little crystal birdies told me about this fun-in-the-sun home office, where whimsical accessories amp up the atmosphere. He’s eyeing Marie ‘s palm tree candle holder, a tropical touch that lightens the mood no matter how heavy the workload.


Saying is Believing!

Happy New Year!  Let’s kick off the year creating beauty and welcoming beauty into our homes.

I look forward to helping you make 2019 your most design-inspired year yet!

Boudoir Beauty

Marie Christophe’s light and airy Boudoir chandelier debuts in Elle Deco France.

Sitting Pretty

Adam & Viktoria’s pillows are sitting pretty in a spread in Colorado magazine. The project, by interior designer Nadia Watts of Denver, features the  Ombre Cherry Branch pillows reposing on the sofa.

Getting Comfortable

Barnacle Dark Slate Blue and Tibetan Green pillows are  lounging in this beautiful bedroom. Interior Design by Nadia Watts, Colorado Magazine.

Bending Tradition

This Thanksgiving, I’ll be taking it to the floor with Marie Christophe’s Lustre Murano as the stunning showstopper.

Who says being traditional is the way to go?   Let’s have some floor and take it to the floor..!

What’s More Beautiful Than One Marie Christophe Chandelier….

Two, of course!  Apparently French beauty guru Frederic Fekkai thought so – he commissioned her to create a pair of custom Lustre Rose chandeliers to illuminate a dining table in his estate in the South of France. You can see it in Architectural Digest.


Elegant and Understated

” I love a room that’s elegant, but really laid back and easy on the eyes,…a  kind of uncluttered elegance that’s been paired down and really well-edited” Victoria Smith (aka sfgirlbythebay ).   Victoria talks about well edited spaces on the blog today and features Marie Christophe’s elegant and chic house. I  couldn’t agree with you more Victoria because I love Marie’s house and just adore her blue eyed octopus!



Once again, Marie Christophe is setting her high-wire style.  This time, she’s featured in Reside, Sotheby’s quarterly lifestyle magazine, along with the likes of Maya Romanoff and Daniel Libeskind.  Such an honor to be quoted in SOTHEBY’S!!

Rich Accents

Adam & Viktoria’s pillows, Cherry Branch Oyster and Tischa in Sapphire, speak with a rich accent.

Opulent Elegance

Adam & Viktoria’s Niwa in Black Still Life in Night Burnt Orange and Fishskin in Gold set the mood for opulent elegance.

Pillow pairs

Pillow pairs – Adam & Viktoria’s Pepino Melon Hot Pink Hazelnut and Pinto Bordeaux and Fishskin Istanbul Blue are designed to be mixed and matched to the max.

Remind me of falling leaves…

Adam & Viktoria’s latest pillows — Tischa Pumpkin, Acanthus in Parrot Red and Fishskin in Teal Blue – remind me of falling autumn leaves.

Talk About Being in Good Company

I love the way New York City interior designer Brian J. McCarthy paired Marie Christophe’s scarab with a hand-thrown, hand-carved, steel-glazed Brutalist stoneware vessel from the Liz O’Brien Gallery in Manhattan.  Talk about being in good company …and I love the mix, don’t you agree?

Warmth of Welcome

Marie Christophe’s pineapple table lamp, in wire and sunny-yellow ceramic beads, brings the warmth of welcome to every space, lighted or dark.

It is the perfect way to create hospitality in your house all year round.

This trio shines bright on the home front

Great things come in threes!

Serving Up This!

Marie Christophe’s vases, featuring antique crystal from Saint-Louis, make quite a statement even when they are standing empty. The six sculptural pieces are available exclusively at Hermes Paris and Hermes Rome.

Beautiful When Standing Empty


Gauguin Gorgeous

Adam & Viktoria call this fall pattern Still Life because it was inspired by a Gauguin’s fruits, but you’ll want to move it around to every room in the house. The colorways – night-Moroccan green (shown here) and night-burnt orange – come directly from his canvas. My favorite.. I love the rich colors mixed with black ..even the table cloth is there in the bold stripes!

Sheep for Jean-Louis Deniot

Marie Christophe is showing off her little lamp and it’s “wire wool”   She created the sheep for  Jean-Louis Deniot’s garden in Chantilly. It reminded me of the flock sculptor Francois-Xavier Lalanne made for Yves Saint Laurent’s muse, Loulou de la Falaise.  They were pictured in a 1974 Vogue article.  It’s a woolen thread that goes back to 1974..and I would like one for my garden!





Fugu, Marie Christophe’s new table lamp, features a floating blowfish who’s round as a ball and cute as a bug.

Who-o-o made this stunning owl lamp with the sunny shade?

Marie Christophe of course!

Light Fantastic

Invite Marie Christophe’s pineapple sconce to your favorite wall. With a sculptural and artful presence, it provides the perfect glow to any room.

Take Flight

Marie Christophe’s dazzling Cage Oiseaux adds a world of whimsy and beauty to any home or boat.  Boat International Magazine couldn’t agree with me more!

Cap Ferret Pendant

Marie Christophe’s Suspensions Cap Ferret pendant, hanging in a chic bathroom, captures light in the most charming way.

Sheer and Chic

Bonita Ahuja’s Gelsomino panels are inspired by the intoxicating fragrance of the jasmine flower; they fill the senses with their delicate and yet powerful beauty. In silk and cashmere, they come in delicious colors:  dove grey, jade green, blush pink and scarlet.

Like Dangling Earrings….

A pair of Marie Christophe’s dangling custom pendants in blue and green Murano crystal dress up a California kitchen.

Crowning Touch!

Marie Christophe’s chandelier is the crowning touch in a contemporary chic California kitchen.  Did I mention the matching sconces?

Autumn is on the way

Get comfortable with Adam & Viktoria’s new pillows – Pinto, Nautilus mono and Barnacle green — remind me that autumn is on the way.

Comfortable Vibes

Adam & Viktoria’s new pillows, called Ombre Tribe and Cloves, have warm, comfortable vibes that are easy on the eyes.

All Abloom In Beautiful Colors

Foliage, Wilderness and  Niwa, new pillow styles from Adam & Viktoria, are all abloom in subtle creature-comfort colors.


Black and White and White and Black

Black and white and white and black – Adam & Viktoria’s new pillows Niwa, Orchids and Tempest, put everything in patterned perspective.

Parisian Panache

The Recipe for a Marie Christophe Masterpiece
1. Let your imagination take wing
2. Grab a coil of wire and a pair of pliers
3. Sculpt the wire into poetic art
4. Add beads and baubles and glittering crystals to catch the light
5. Watch the spiraling spheres and objects spring to life
6. Smile when you see them in your own home

Haut Wire

Every time I visit Marie Christophe in France, I get inspired by her all her wires..Now you can see all her whimsical wireworks and sculptural masterpieces in the latest issue of Cote Sud Magazine!!


Cote Sud

We’ve been waiting for you!   See Marie Christophe in the latest issue of Cote Sud.


Parker’s Picks!

We know that AD PRO, the online version of Architectural Digest, has impeccable taste because Marie Christophe’s new Thistle and Poppy sconces were featured this month!


Red Alert

Happy, exhilarating red! Red is dynamic and adds life to any room.  Just one look at  Marie’s fabulous Fugu lamp with it’s shiny red shade and red  ceramics specified for this guest room.. fabulous, no?

Cute As a Bug

Fugu, Marie Christophe’s new table lamp, features a floating blowfish who’s round as a ball and cute as a bug.

Swimming In The Sky

Marie Christophe’s fish sculpture is swimming in the sky, making itself at home in a beach house.


Coming Home to Roost

Designer Brian J. McCarthy posed Marie Christophe’s chicken and rooster wirework sculptures in a client’s farmhouse.

Marie’s Poppy Is Full Of Life

Marie Christophe’s dynamic new sconce, Poppy, is full of life.  With its red dress and curlicue curls, it looks like a dancer waiting for the music to begin.

I Love Marie’s Thistle

Thistle, a new sculptural sconce by Marie Christophe, in the most dramatic colors is wired for fun.


Marie’s Wide-Eyed Wire Owl

Marie Christophe’s wide-eyed wire owl is a real wow! Who-o-o says so?  Everyone who sees the cute little creature.

Bringing Warmth To Every Space

Marie Christophe’s pineapple table lamp, in wire and sunny-yellow ceramic beads, brings the warmth of welcome to every space, lighted or dark.

Floating Bauble

Designer Brian McCarthy has made Marie Christophe’s light and airy Boudoir chandelier, with white and yellow beads, the center of a Hamptons’ guest room.  A floating bauble, its circles circle the circular room, which has a commanding view of the water.

So Chic in Yellow!

The Beauty of This Wire Wise Owl

Who-o-o-o makes the best wire sculptures? It’s the wire-wise Marie Christophe, who created this wire wise inquisitive owl!

Bejeweled Beauty


Lantern Love

Marie Christophe’s rich and exotic lantern style lights featured in the latest issue of Boutique Design Magazine is such a feast for the eyes.

Candle Love

Marie Christophe’s wire, crystal and candle chandeliers are a delight even when they’re not alight. This one has a whole different look when it’s not hanging high in the sky, doesn’t it?

Where She Works!

Marie Christophe’s French atelier is a font of inspirational ideas. The sculpture hanging on the wall with hangers – I want one!

An Octopus In The Bedroom

OMG! There’s an octopus in the bedroom. Thank you, Marie Christophe, for making my day!

A Rare Species

Marie Christophe’s latest birdie is something to tweet about: It’s a rare species, made by her hand only.

My new addition to my dressing room!

I love how  French women always  look completely understated yet always chic.  They can and do look exotic and glam simply by slinging a silk scarf around their necks.

So I’m not surprised that Marie Christophe, my favorite Frenchwoman, is designing wonderful witty wall sculptures to hold scarves!

I love them so much so she had to create one for my scarves…feels right at home in my dressing room!


Go with this glow!

In these wiry, fiery wax works, flickering candles light up the night with romance and the promise of adventure.


Light It Up!

I love the idea of dining by candlelight, which is why I’m so delighted that Marie Christophe is creating limited-edition, non-electric chandeliers decorated with vintage crystals she picked up in her travels years ago.

What  A Cuddle Corner!

Call it comfy chic – the May/June issue of Traditional Home Magazine features a couch covered with Adam & Viktoria’s fabulous pillows.  Fourteen pillows… what a cuddle corner!

French Atelier

Marie Christophe’s French atelier is filled with birds and bees and wired with her art.

Go Vogue!

Marie Christophe’s curvaceous serpent lamp is featured in the spring issue of Dutch Vogue Living Magazine and since she worked her first wire, she has always been in Vogue!

Happy Easter!


Flower Power

Happy First Day of May!

Simply Illuminating

Marie Christophe’s new Boudoir chandelier, in a chic pairing of yellow and white nacre opal is simply illuminating.

Flower Power

Bring in spring

Gather your bouquets and display them in Marie Christophe’s new wire and crystal vases.  Talk about flower power!

Spring Has Sprung At Printemps, Paris!


This Crown’s For You

This crown’s for you or rather one lucky client!

Marie Christophe’s crowning achievement is finished. The lucky client will be “Queen for a Day” every day.  It is such a fanciful “fairy-tale” wirework collection.  It has me singing the blues!

It’s A Wrap!

This sculptural masterpiece is finished, photographed and ready for transport…. Ready for my close up!  Shooting day in France.

Highlights from Paris

I always loved the Pompidou just for the architecture of the building but if you love textiles like me, there is a beautiful exhibition of Sheila Hicks’ works which beautifully underscores the feminist moment we are living in.
Hicks creates bright, colorful balls, weaves geometric carpets, beautiful interior objects. Of course she was influenced by her travels in India and Morocco. Born in the US , she moved to Paris in the 60’s ..

The Beautiful Birds of Marie Christophe

Marie Christophe’s beautiful birds are fluttering freely about Paris’ Hotel La Belle Juliette in St. Germain des Pres!!  At the top of my list.. I always stop by here to say hello to some old friends when I am in Paris!


Paris Newsstands

La Fontaine de Mars

Old world bistros that constantly draws you back.   The beautiful pink vibe (pink tablecloths  and wallpaper) not to mention the mirrored walls are my favorite part! Coq u vin and red wine a must.

Fabulously Chic!

Such a chic scarf holder!

La Vie Parisienne

So French and So Fabulously Chic!

There’s just something about French women..the way they dress is completely understated yet always chic.

They can, for instance, look exotic and glam by simply slinging a silk scarf around their necks.
So I’m not surprised that Marie Christophe, my favorite Frenchwoman, designed these wonderfully witty wall sculptures to hold scarves!
I love them so much she had to create one for my scarves.

And I must admit, they’re just as gorgeous hanging solo!!

Hanging Solo

Marie Christophe designed these wall sculptures to hold scarves, but they’re just as gorgeous hanging solo.   I’ve ordered one for my dressing room!

Inspired by Brice Marden’s Swirling Abstractions

We love Brice Marden’s striking, swirling, calligraphic abstractions and serene early monochromes. The inspiration for the new collection created by artist Bonita Ahuja was inspired by Brice Marden’s drawings. I love his beautiful color palettes!!!

“ I love the organic feel of his drawings but they are quite formless, I wanted to create a shape with these billowing curves that can be seen as a blooming flower”— Bonita Ahuja


Brice Marden Color Palette

The Talk of the Table

I’m throwing together a small dinner party and wanted to create a centerpiece that will be a true conversation piece. My mind was on spring flowers in a vase, but that’s an idea that’s been done to death. Then I remembered the gilded wire birdcages that Marie Christophe crafted to highlight the high heels of Roger Vivier. They were featured in a Harper’s Bazaar spread in 2006. Leave it to Marie to create a witty centerpiece that’s literally the center of attention.

Fashion Week Accessory

Every fashionista needs a few beautiful birdcages to house their fabulous shoe collection!  This was the first birdcage that Marie created and it is now the most coveted piece in the collection.



Perched on A Perfect Spot!

A little birdie named Marie Christophe just showed me this bejeweled beauty. She made it for the home of Frederic and Shirin Fekkai. I love where it landed – right on the dinner table, where it will undoubtedly be the topic of conversation


It’s all in the details

Love the mix… Brian J McCarthy just shared his new hand thrown, carved Brutalist stoneware vessel (love it!!)  He paired it with a custom scarab by Marie Christophe.

Don’t underestimate the small accessories.   My collectibles certainly have a way of multiplying!!   I love these unique, artisan pieces together, don’t you?

Lantern Love

Marie Christophe just made a pair of lanterns for my client – I like to think of them as earrings – to hang over a kitchen island. The blue and green opaline crystals give make them a rich, exotic feast for the eyes.  So in love with these beauties!!

The Beauty of this New Piece

This  dazzling new piece by Marie Christophe is not only  a stunning sculpture (adore the colors and yellow and green are so spring!) but it can also be  a wall sconce.

I love it so much that I can’t decide which way to display it!

Lamp de Chevet’s Colorful Side!

In love with Chevet’s colorful side!!

Havana Obsessed!

Bonita Ahuja of India has created a new collection called Eclipse..
My favorite is Havana..handwoven silk and cashmere with vintage silk inlaid lace.  Silk, cashmere and vintage silk lace all inspired by the colors of beautiful Havana.

The most dreamy bedroom!

I LOVE this Hamptons bedroom!  Designed by Brian J. McCarthy, it brings the beach to the feet.  To really relax, all you have to do is look up: Marie Christophe’s crystal and wire chandelier is a meditation on blue and green.



A Crowning Achievement

Marie Christophe is creating some royal-style lights for a client of mine in Santa Monica, California.   A custom crown chandelier for the dining room..she is also creating coordinating pendants for the kitchen and sconces.  So much excitement!

Blue, Blue, Blue

Marie Christophe’s blue and green opaline chandelier, adorned with Murano crystals, sheds light on a beautiful bedroom in the Hamptons.  Project by Brian J. McCarthy!

Mirrored Beauty!

Marie Christophe’s Pondi Cherie, a wonderfully whimsical wirework.  So glamorous!


Lampe de Chevet

Studded with chunky blue ceramics,  this new lamp is sweet and petite.

Just add some transparency

Adding a touch of transparency always lightens up a room.  Marie Christophe’s Lustre Chaine is a wonderfully whimsical high-wire act and creates magic in any space.

Boudoir Beauty!

Marie Christophe’s seven-light Boudoir chandelier, featuring black, beige and nude ceramics and ceramic light covers, has nothing to hide on its beauty side.  Tripping the light fantastic!

Christmas at the Fekkai house

You know it’s holiday time when Marie Christope and Frédéric Fekkai get together. The Lustre Rose chandeliers she created for his house in the South of France are a perfect complement to the Christmas tree.

Leaf and Flower Motif

An autumn leaf, pinned to a prim flower, becomes a jewel in Marie Christophe’s crowning hands. This wirework wall sconce always brings a smile to my face.

Bird Song

Meet Più Più… my new love!!

This Wiry bird can’t fly…

which is exactly why I gave him a fancy place to perch.

Serving up this!

Scrabbling Scarab by Marie

In love with her latest scarab.. !!


This Crown’s For You

With Marie Christophe’s royally right headpiece, you can be “Queen for a Day” every day. (Yes, it’ll make you Monarch Mom even when you’re doing the laundry.)
It’s such a fanciful fairy-tale wire work – check out the crystals and tiny mirrors!

Soar to New Heights

In an ode to Dumbo, Marie Christophe’s elephant flies in on wire wings for the holidays. Like a beautiful butterfly, he’s ready to land in your house, too!

Glitter Pus

Marie Christophe’s glittering crystal candelabra is decked out in gorgeous Baccarat crystal right down to the candle holder cups.. The candelabra pairs perfectly with her golden winged wonder.   Her candelabra makes the Baccarat crystals shine bright in the holiday light!

All I Want For Christmas!

Dear Santa–All I want for Christmas is this adorable little owl sculpture…wink wink!

Bring Spring!

Marie’s bouquet flower vase, Soliflore Fleurs, is sure to freeze out the cold and snow.

Glittering Jewels

It’s winter, but I’m in the mood for some color.. An autumn golden leaf pinned to a beautiful blue flower becomes a crowning jewel in Marie Christophe’s hands and chases away my winter blues!


Rivera Vibes

Marie Christophe’s new Rivera lamp, with its sunny-side-up face, is really hot, hot, hot hanging out on Arossgirl’s  table.

Arossgirl’s Stylish Office Still Life

Look who made an appearance in Amanda Ross aka Arossgirl’s new stylish office!   Love her still life..

Jiggly Jellyfish

Pierre Louis Mascia, an illustrator-turned fashion designer, whose accessory collection is inspired by his love for combining different and colorful prints, patterns, motifs and materials commissioned Marie Christophe to create a series of squiggly, jiggly jellyfish sculptures for her Milan atelier.

A Gorgeously Comfortable Spot To Lounge

Adam & Viktoria’s Chrysanthemum Oyster pillows have found a gorgeously comfortable spot to lounge.. the Dior Suite at The Regis Hotel.

Love the refresh, don’t you? So chic in silver and white velvet!

Love at First Sight

Marie Christophe’s latest sculpture, all hearts, silhouettes, singing birds and scissors, is love at first sight! You can’t take your eyes off of it because there’s always something new to see.


There’s A Mouse In The Penthouse!

Hooray! There’s a mouse in the penthouse! Actually, it’s more than one, and they are all sitting pretty in one of the chandeliers that Marie Christophe’s created to enhance the views of their New York City apartment. Her mice, in a stunning staircase that leads to the rooftop, are positioned so they can cast a critical eye on the gallery of art that adorns the walls. I wonder which piece they like the best?

Penthouse View

The spiraling sphere of the custom mouse chandelier Marie Christophe designed for my client’s penthouse really opened my eyes. How delightful to see her work from a different perspective and to stand under such lightness of being.

The More The Merrier

A sofa sans pilons feels a bit undressed..that’s why I am adding three!

Delicate Beauty… Sculptural Light Fixture

I love it when people share the joy my pieces bring to them. In this case, interior designer Andra Birkerts of Wellesley, Massachusetts sent me photos of a Marie Christophe light fixture she installed in a client’s home. The custom piece, which has globe-like balls embellished with clear crystals, opal crystals and crystal flowers of several sizes, gets super sparkle power from the wall of windows it hangs in.  Marie Christophe’s delicately balanced Boules Opaline light fixtures which also double as sculptural objects have long been entrancing art aficionados redefining what sculpture can be !

Here’s A Holiday Present You Must Open Early!

The latest issue of LUXE magazine features a story on a house in Boulder, Co whose ceilings are outfitted with Marie Christophe’s Boules Opaline suspended  light sculptures. These great shining balls of wire – there’s one in the stair hall, one in the kitchen, one in the kitchen stair and a group of three in yet another room – get their super sparkle power from Marie’s artful combinations of clear crystals, opal crystals and several sizes of crystal flowers.

Cozy Vibes

Every sofa in my house has at least one Adam & Viktoria scrumptious velvet cushion on it so I can be a lounge lizard!

Lighten Your Life

Hang out with Marie Christophe’s chandeliers…

Totally Wired

I came across this 2008 Interior Design Magazine article – one of the first ones ever written about Marie Christophe’s collection of wireworks – while I was going through my archives. It’s still love at first sight – and light!

Because I’m a Farm Girl now!!!

What I’m Crowing About Now

Marie and I just adore chickens… She keeps creating them, and I keep coveting them.  I just bought an old farmhouse in New Mexico and have lots of live chickens running around. So it’s a perfect excuse for me to crow about Marie’s fine feathered friends and our love of chickens!

Bird Beauties


Tropical Tree Lamp

A tropical tree lamp by Marie Christophe has all the right moves: It dances on the table with a lampshade on top of its palm fronds.

Parrot Talk

Even the parrots can’t stop talking about Marie Christophe’s latest light fixture.  Their comments: “Illuminating! It lights up our feathers!”

Wings of Light

Marie Christophe’s insect chandelier takes flight in an exotic outdoor setting in Monaco.

So chic!

A Golden Glow

Marie Christophe’s Montgolfliere Or chandeliers, featuring prune and gold crystals, accent a contemporary dining table.

Dancing in the mood light

Marie Christophe’s Mongolfliere chandelier for Marianne Evennou, Paris, adds sleek style to a small space.

A Little Bit Country!

Marie Christophe’s custom chandelier lets its wiry hair down in a casual New York dining room.

There’s A Swan In The Barn

Only Marie Christophe would think of spotlighting swans in a chandelier. Lustre Cygnes, in green opal crystal (from Murano) and gold beads, marries the birds with wirework for life.

The shimmering swan chandelier is ready to be installed and I am green with envy!!

Cute As Can Be!


The Three Mice!

There’s no clock in the house. But there are three mice. Hickory, Dickory and Dock are scampering on top of Marie Christophe’s newest chandelier, and as you can see, they’re as cute as can be.

It’s going to  be a stunning tease!

This Marie Christophe chandelier is going to be  suspended in a staircase that leads to a rooftop art gallery in a New York City penthouse. Can’t wait to see it installed!

Follow The Dragonflies and Butterflies

Design muse is Mother Nature!

What’s The Buzz All About?

The dragonflies and butterflies that are circling Marie Christophe’s new wire and black bead insect chandelier.

Glowing Blowfish

Look, up at the ceiling! There’s a glowing blowfish flying your way.  It is, of course, a creation of Marie Christophe, not Mother Nature.

Write Your Own Story

The right word is worth a thousand pictures, whether it is written, spoken,  or in this case created as a wall of  words.  Marie Christophe’s wall of wire words has inspired me.  #WORD


Fun Sun

Marie Christophe’s fun sun is shining its wiry rays in a beach house in Connecticut– catch them if you can!

Black Magic

Gypsy, Marie Christophe’s latest light, wears a Cinderella skirt and black beads.

Three Mice Are Nice

These three mice are nice – they are going to play on Marie Christophe’s newest chandelier.  I can’t wait to see them have fun!

Beaded Beauty

A beaded birdie, wrought in wire by Marie Christophe, talks in tweets (not on Twitter).

Tweet Tweet


Lustre Lovely!

Marie Christophe’s brilliant night light, called Lustre Noir, was created for my client who recently moved from Napa Valley to London.  It will be hanging out in the converted horse stables and will no doubt transform the space into something magical!

Holiday Vibe!

What better way to invite summer to a day on the beach than with Marie Christophe’s welcoming palm tree candleholder.

This Mouse!

There’s a mouse in the house … actually, Marie Christophe has given us three in a new custom chandelier that will finally see the light of day very soon… Can’t wait to share this one!

New Beaded Birdie

Marie Christophe’s new beaded birdie celebrates life uncaged by bowing before the blooms of Mother Nature.

One is fine, but I’m inclined to pair two! How about you?


What a great catch!

Marie Christophe’s Poisson lamp is taking a summer swim in the depths of the dining room.  Marie created the fun finny for a client of Double G Architecture in Paris.

Give Me a Hive Five!

Adam & Viktoria’s Japatch honeycomb-pattern pillows are so bee-utiful!

Lots of Inspiration here!

I love to see where designers live because they often get inspiration from their own homes. Here is where Adam & Viktoria make their pretty pillows.

I just put this order together for a client.  Love the mix of pattern and color, don’t you?

Meet the new chick in the house of Marie Christophe

There’s a new chicken in the House of Marie Christophe. Don’t you just love it?

What a Hoot!

Hayward House, NY… American Luxury on the Upper East Side. Home of Hayward and Hopper.  So pleased to see that Marin Hopper  (Dennis Hopper’s daughter) also covets  Marie Christophe’s witty sculptures.  I love how she proudly displays her owl sculpture with her collection of beautiful handmade luxury bags.

My Inspiration

Lovely Lustre Noir featured in World Of Interiors June 2017.  So chic, so delicate and so sophisticated.  I love the beading in black and transparent crystal.  Always gorgeous, always in style!


Birdie Love

My Sunny Side

Even on a grey day, Marie Christophe’s Sun sculpture fills my life with light.

Bohemian Rural

AD Spain…!!!

Blue and Green Opaline

In Marie Christophe’s studio, fairy tales really do come true.  She made this Cinderella chandelier in her signature wire in blue and green opaline crystal from Murano for a Hamptons bedroom with an ocean view.

Check Out AD Spain May Issue!

12- page feature, Marie Christophe, France!


We’ve been waiting for you!!  Check out the May issue of AD Spain: Marie Christophe’s house got a 12-page spread!

I couldn’t put it down!

La Vie en Rose

Look up the May issue of L’Officel de la Mode, which has a feature spread on Frederic Fekkai.  You’ll see a dazzling pair of Marie Christophe’s Lustre Rose chandeliers hanging from the dining room ceiling like lacy flowers.


Bruno’s Beautiful Bug

You know it’s spring when Bruno Frisoni brings out the pink in full force.  He commissioned Marie Christophe to make this pretty pink insect sculpture, which is the perfect ornament for his chic sweater.

Admiring Jean-Louis’ Balcony

Jean-Louis Deniot commissioned Marie Christophe to create a custom chandelier for his LA bedroom and I can’t stop admiring this view!

All Honey and No Sting!

This beautiful queen bee, a wire and paper work by Marie Christophe, is ready to take a flight of fancy through the flowers of spring.

It’s all honey and no sting.

Pondi Cherie

Marie Christophe’s Pondi Cherie, a wonderfully whimsical wirework.


Paris Garden Delight!

Lustre Chech in red and blue ceramics is right at home in this Paris garden.

Lustre Murano

Lustre Murano ceramic chandelier by Marie Christophe trips the light fantastic indoors and out.

The Colors Of My Beautiful Italy!

Marie Christophe’s Suspension Cadeques in blue and yellow turn a poolside bench into a chic seat.

Limoncello anyone?

Bedside pendants

Marie Christophe’s Lustre Chech pendants, hanging in a bedroom, capture light in charming cages, the better to read and be seen by.

Morocco Vibe!

The Morocco home of Bruno Frisoni and Herve van der Straeten shines in white light with Marie Christophe’s chandelier and gets a dash of color with her coral ceramic sconce.

Hanging out!

I’m just hanging out with some of Marie Christophe’s newest pieces. If only my closet were worthy of them!

The Right Light

Sometimes, the basics are the best choice. That’s why I love Marie Christophe’s black and transparent chandelier called Lustre Noir….

Say hello to show stopping fixtures!

Like A Favorite Ball Gown

Marie Christophe’s high-wire crystal chandeliers always remind me of Cinderella –  delicate and sophisticated with pretty and feminine beading.  Whether they’re dancing over the pool or brightening the bedroom, they’re always the belles of the ball.  The black crystals act as earrings to the necklace of transparent ones in the beautiful Lustre Noir chandelier featured in 1stdibs Magazine.  The story profiles the work of Dutch architect Jan Monique Des Louvre.  It was she who commissioned not only the beautiful chandelier but also a life sized angel for a Russian client’s house in 2008.

All wire- and legs

Think pink: Marie Christophe’s flamingo is all wire – and legs.

Golden Wire Lion

Hear me roar: This golden-wire lion by Marie Christophe is all beauty and part beast.

The Perfect Guest

Marie Christophe’s prickly, perky hedgehog is the perfect guest: It comes carrying its own invitation for a grand time.

Less Is More

The simple truth is that good design needs no embellishment. As examples, I offer Marie Christophe’s bee and lobster sculptures as an example.  The proof lies in their elegant outlines, which prove the less is much more.

Simply understated

Spring is in the air!

Feeling leggy at Bon Marche, Paris!

The ides of March become the legs of spring at Paris’ Bon Marche, thanks to Marie Christophe’s loopy, limber ceiling sculpture. You can see Marie’s witty piece on the first floor of the department store, which has been a fashion plate since its founding in 1838.

Wall Walker

Marie Christophe’s octopus tries out its eight squiggly legs

Let the spring sun outshine the winter blues

There’s no better way to warm my spring’s sunny days than with a touch of yellow. When I see yellow, it gets my creative juices flowing and jump-starts all the projects I’ve been seeing in my mind.


Mirror Envy!

Simple in form, yet stunningly intricate

This BEE-U-TIFUL layout

See this BEE-u-tiful layout and BEE sculpture by Marie Christophe in CityBook Editorial March.  All abuzz about this!

Provocative Pineapple Sconce

Marie Christophe’s provocative Pineapple sculptural sconce, featured in Boutique Design, is warm and welcoming wherever it hangs its plucky crown.

Pretty in Pink

La vie en rose. Custom pillows for Calypso Home..



Serving Up This!

Feast for the eyes and the soul… serving up these bejeweled treats.  Marie Christophe’s little gems are what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

Guess What’s On The Menu!

I just picked up a copy of A La Table Des Designers and was pleased to see that Marie Christophe’s sculptures are the icing on the cake. Makes me want to have seconds – and thirds!

Please Be Seated

At my table, Adam & Viktoria’s pillows are more than pure eye candy. They serve as seats that make each guest feel special. Match them to the menu and set the mood for good food and juicy conversation.

Setting The Table!

My favorite centerpiece!  A page from the book A La Table Des Designers featuring Mare Christophe’s sculptures.  Every table should have a bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers and a beautiful sculpture or two from Marie Christophe. Time to dine…

What We Want Is Something Phoebe Philo

Something happens to women when they walk into a Celine store.. I understand this effect as I adore Celine!

I also know I have wonderful taste, and this was reaffirmed when I found out that Phoebe Philo, formerly of Chloe now with Celine, purchased this limited edition Ryan McGinness rug for her Paris flat.  I own the same rug and was drawn to the playful, baroque composition ..take a closer look at some of the motifs that appear on the rug.. among them dancing gypsies, chandeliers, safety-pinned soldiers.  Love the abstract forms..I’m not surprised that she fell in love with its graphic, figurative and stylized imagery because it’s loaded with “Where’s Waldo?” whimsy.

I just have to say this: Phoebe, I saw it first!

Sitting Pretty!

Marie Christophe proves that when a chair’s not a chair it’s a piece of high art.

Wall Walking

Marie Christophe’s octopus tries out its eight squiggly legs.

Winged Wonders

Marie Christophe brings a little bit of heaven to earth with her band of larger-than-life angels: one for a private client in Moscow, the other for the very public (and famous) shop L’Eclaireur in Paris.

Winged Wonder in Moscow



The More The Merrier

A sofa sans pillows always looks a bit undressed, don’t you agree?  Adam & Viktoria’s Turkish Delight pillows are a great way to make a big design statement.  Such a dreamy, tranquil space.

I’ll Meet you at Merci, Paris!

If you’re in Paris in May (and we all wish we could be!), stop by the fabulous shop Merci to see Marie Christophe’s latest installation. She made these busy bees for the fabulous French brand Tse tse, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary.  You’ll also see custom creations by India Mahdavi and Christian Tortu.

Lunar Year of the Rooster

Call me a Rooster Booster:  I love the sculpture that Marie Christophe made for Tomorrowland, Tokyo.  Thoughtful, instinctual, confident and friendly, may these best qualities of the rooster guide you and bring you much happiness and success throughout this year!

The Chosen

This month, Marie Christophe’s beautiful bird cage is flying on the wings of British Airways.  You can see it in the airline’s first-class cabin magazine.

London Calling

If you happen to find yourself in  London and visit the stylish new hotel called  5 Maddox Street, (I think that’s a wonderful idea), you can prop your feet and your head up on Adam & Viktoria’s pretty pillows, which are waiting for you on the sofa.  Louis Vuitton City Guide says “This hotel is a true rarity” and I couldn’t agree more!

A Feathery Flock

Marie Christophe’s fine feathered friends, created for Parisian designer Jean-Louis Deniot, allow the imagination to soar on their worldly wings. With their hand-painted paper faces, bright bodies and crystal crowns, they are down-to-earth sky sculptures.

Sunny Happy Vibe!

Let the spring sun outshine the winter with Marie Christophe’s little yellow bird, an ever-happy fellow.  A reminder that spring is just around the corner… (well not quite yet )!! Until spring arrives, this beautiful bird with its happy yellow hue  is just what I need to get me through!

Butterfly Bowl

Let your wings take you where your heart desires… Marie Christophe’s butterfly has landed on the wire bowl which glitters with gold and amber crystals.

Scrabbling Scarabee

Tiny enough to light upon your shoulders…although desired to be brooches, they can also adorn any table and when grouped together they turn your wall into a high -wire swarm of wire and dazzling crystal!

A Re-Blossoming

It’s all chic silver and white at the St. Regis Hotel in New York City, where Adam & Viktoria’s classic Chrysanthemum Oyster pillows have found a gorgeously comfortable spot to lounge in the Dior Suite.  Putting more bloom on the blushing blooms has made me blush with pride and joy!

I’ll meet you the Dior Suite!

Busy Bee Brooch

I’m hoping that Marie Christophe’s bejeweled brooch wings its way to my jewelry box!  This little busy bee, Marie Christophe’s latest big idea (along with the scarab shown above), are tiny (2.8 inches and 3.9 inches) enough to light upon your shoulders.  Although designed to be brooches, when grouped together, they can turn your wall into a high-wire swarm that’s ready to take flight.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year!



Over the moon for this beautiful beehive chandelier!


All Abuzz


Marie’s Sketches Are All Wired Up

I love to see her work and how she works!


Just in Time for Christmas

Marie Christophe’s dog sculpture, which is spending the holidays in Paris in Hermes’ window, gets an amazing technicolor dreamcoat of 500 zippers.

Hope you get to see it – it’s on display until Jan. 1.

Learn from the master..

Explore Marie Christophe’s sculptural masterpieces.. her whimsical wireworks are pure magic!  She fashions charming creatures, fanciful fixtures, beautiful birdcages and gossamer objects d’art, seemingly from thin air.


My favorite fruit.. Marie’s New Pineapple Sconce

I’ve taken to calling Marie Christophe’s latest sconce  “Fruit of the Womb.” It’s a tangy, tropical take on the pineapple, which is, of course, the universal symbol of hospitality.  It’s wired for fun!

Light Fantastic

With a sculptural and artful presence, Marie Christophe’s pineapple sconce provides the perfect glow to any room.

It was meant to BEE

For the last 18 months, Marie Christophe, as you can see, has been as busy as a bee.  Her custom beehive chandelier is abuzz with three large bees and 15 smaller ones.  It’s quite a bee-uty!

Nacre Nude

Marie Christophe’s seven-light Boudoir chandelier, featuring black, beige and nude ceramics and ceramic light covers has nothing to hide on its beauty side.

Artfully Inspired

Marie Christophe’s bejeweled scarab is in good company at his new home. He shares a desk with a Line Vautrin paperweight and a beautiful bronze William Kentridge piece that’s topping a book.  Such a beautiful still life, don’t you think?

Flying Fish

Simon, a hairdressing salon in Paris, just got a new look with Marie Christophe’s Fugu Fish Light, which doubles as a ceiling sculpture.

If only fish could fly!

All That Shimmers Is Blue

Marie Christophe’s shimmering blue-crystal sconces put the art of illumination in a whole new light.  Even when they aren’t lit, they are always in the spotlight.




Only love ..only beauty!   I wish for peace and prosperity for our nation as we move forward.

Dutch Vogue Living

Dutch Vogue Living celebrates all the beautiful creatures that live in the enchanted forest, including Marie Christophe’s beautiful hare and beetle sculptures who are featured in the magazine’s October issue!

There’s a new puppy in paris!

Marie Christophe just delivered this doggy to Hermes. I’m madly in love with it. Just look at those eyes!

The Wire Whiskerer…

Bugging Out!

Such a buzz about bugs lately so naturally I am thrilled to see that everyone else seems to be getting on board with all things bugs!!  Marie’s bugs are real gems even if you can’t wear them!  Simply stunning…

At Home with Amanda Ross

Amanda Ross shared her still life starring Marie Christophe’s darling owl.  Add one of these whimsical sculptures to your space and it will help you see things a different light!!

Crazy for this fish light!


What Really Could be More Inviting!!

The fall ready-to-wear collections are all about velvets, deep-hued and in rich jewel colors. Contemporary interiors, too, have benefited from the use of velvet which has always been synonymous with luxury … so are the delicious A& V pillows!

Really, what could be more inviting!

Squiggles and jiggles in Milan

Pierre Louis Mascia, an illustrator-turned fashion designer has just commissioned Marie Christophe to create a series of squiggly, jiggly jellyfish sculptures for his Milan atelier. These silly sculptures bring a smile to my face..

Love the Love Apple

Marie Christophe’s sparkling chandeliers sets the mood for good food … a culinary delight and magical at every light.

Formerly a small chapel, this charming restaurant features the most delicious and inspiring food.  One of my favorites.. Taos, New Mexico!


Make A Wish

Once upon a time, I created a wonderfully whimsical world filled with fairy-tale beauty. But I could not keep it all to myself; that wouldn’t be fun or fair. So I’m sharing it with you, hoping it opens your eyes in wide-eyed wonder, whether you place these pieces in your nursery, mom zone or the other special spaces you go to reconnect with your inner child.

Enjoy! And, whatever you do, don’t grow up!

Create a buzz


All for Fashion

I always knew that Lily Latifi’s work was worthy of the runway, and this fashion show, held at the 18th District Town Hall in Paris, turned her panels into catwalk stars. Can’t you just picture a gown made out of them?

Bluebird of Happiness

Marie Christophe’s bluebird of happiness has landed, wings aloft, and I’m bedazzled!

Jellyfish Vibe

Meet Marie Christophe’s stunning, colorful jellyfish sculpture complete with trailing tentacles made of brightly colored ribbons!

I’m Floored!

Marie Christophe’s Bouteille floor lamp, which I adore, is featured in the September issue of Marie Claire Maison magazine, where it further illuminates the airy space with grace.

Bergdorf Goodman Magazine

A little birdie told me that Marie Christophe’s feathered friends are featured in Bergdorf Goodman’s magazine.  What a pretty pair!


A funny bunny that is all ears (and wires!)


Double G and Marie

I get goosebumps every time I see the sophisticated designs of Parisian architects Flora de Gastines and Anne Geistdoerfer of Double G.. Can you spy the Lamp Bouteille with it’s modern white shade in this kitchen?  Neutrals never looked so chic!

Double G

Contemporary, colorful and clever, their projects frequently feature the wiry lamps and chandeliers of Marie Christophe.

Lustre Rouge, the red crystal chandelier that is playing peek-a-boo in the entry, is downright illuminating!

The perfect spot

Marie Christophe’s Lamp Bouteille has found the perfect spot in this Parisian kitchen.

Laid back Parisian vibe

Masters of the laid-back Parisian vibe,  Double G make the French way of decorating – mixing the old with the new – look so charmingly simple.

Here & Now

Exclusive creations for Bergdorf Goodman, NY.. featured in Bergdorf Goodman magazine.

Hotel Chic At The Dior Suite

Delighted to be mentioned in Hotel Chic Blog: French Glamour in NYC: The Dior Suite at the St.Regis.  What a thrill to be part of such a fun and fashionable project!



In Vogue

A fantasy within four walls ~I’m convinced that when Juan Montoya declared that “a room should smile at you and create fantasy,” he was thinking of this one in the September 2015 issue of Vogue that features Marie Christophe’s stunning crown chandelier, leggy pink flamingo and delightful bird sculpture.  It sure makes me want to talk to the animals!

A bird Friendly Ledge!

Marie Christophe’s birds are a rare species … made by her hand only.  Vogue September 2015!

Cover story – Marie Claire Maison

Marie Christophe’s mobile caught the attention of Marie Claire Maison who couldn’t help but put it on the cover… Even the zebra can’t take it’s eyes off it!!

Great pieces look great in every space they grace!

This point was brought home to me when my client shared the installed image of the custom chandelier that Marie Christophe created her beautiful bedroom.

Tweeting about this!

These birds are tweeting about fall decorating.  Feather your nest with the  bejeweled birds of Marie Christophe.

Hanging Works of Art

Marie Christophe’s mobiles with it’s shiny blue and silver discs –  also caught the attention of Cartier, Paris ..which featured a pair in the windows.

Wonderful Wiry Mobiles!

“Just as one can compose colors, or forms, so one can compose motions,” said artist Alexander Calder, whose delicately balanced mobiles have long been entrancing art aficionados redefining what sculpture could be by introducing movement.  Marie Christophe’s  truly playful creations awaken our sense of wonder this fall as we fall in love with all things kinetic!

Put this mouse in your house

And just look at his black crystal tail!!

This bouquet for Deyrolle, Paris!


Beauty for Baccarat- seeing things in this light!

Marie Christophe brings beauty to Baccarat with her luxurious lustre chandelier.  Talk about tricking the light fantastic!

Love at Every Bite (and Light)

There are only 13 tables, so dining at the Love Apple in Taos, New Mexico, is liking eating in your own home.  The food is deliciously special – Chef/Owner Jen Hart’s farm-to-table menu is harvest-healthy – and so is the décor. A pair of sparkling chandeliers by Marie Christophe sets the mood for the good food.


Buzzing About This!

The latest buzz is from the two bees (the other one is buzzing about) which have landed in the Houston home of my client. Love the poetic, playful bee sconces!

Interior design by Fern Santini of Abode.

Illuminate your life!

Hang out with Marie Christophe’s chandeliers.

Softly Subtle

Bonita’s Ahuja’s dreamy, delicate curtain fabrics just beg to be touched because they literally show her hand. They are hand-woven and hand embroidered. This one, Memory, silk and cashmere in red and ivory, is simply unforgettable.


Glamour Globetrotter

J’Adore Opaline Bleu featured in Glamour Germany Globetrotting issue!


Light as Air designs

Lily Latifi’s light as air gliding panels use simple and sometimes intricate silhouettes to compliment the architecture and  light in each and every space where it will be used.

Let The Sun Shine In

Marie’s new soleil mirror warms my heart as no real rays can. Her stunning sun sculpture mirror, which gets its blinding bling from ceramics,mini crystal mirrors and sky-blue opaline crystals, is hot and cool!


Look What I Found In My Files!

For Throw-Back Thursday! Marie Christophe’s chandelier was discovered by Cote Sud in 2000.  Its still stylish –and one of my favorites – after all these years.

In Fashion’s Spotlight

Tommy Hilfiger lists 10 things every woman should have in a past issue of Allure magazine. When I read it, I decided that every woman should have at least 10 Tommy Hilfigers because he included a Marie Christophe chandelier in his choices.  Not only that, he mentioned that he has not one but six chandeliers over his dining room table. What an enlightened fashion statement!

Who-o-o’s going to the Enchanted Forest Show

Marie Christophe’s wire-wise owls will be flying in. Over the moon for this darling trio of owls in the most fabulous shade of green!

I’m Tweeting about the Enchanted Forest Show, Bergdorf Goodman, NY

If Marie Christophe’s blue jays have their way (and we know they will), the Enchanted Forest Show at Bergdorf Goodman in September will be a fly-away success in New York.

Marie Christophe’s rabbit is all Ears

Marie Christophe’s rabbit is all ears when it comes to news about the Enchanted Forest Show at Bergdorf Goodman. In case you’re wondering, the latest is that it will be in New York in September.

Cute and Clever

Cute and clever, Marie Christophe’s fox is getting a jump on the Enchanted Forest Show at Bergdorf Goodman. Look for it and her other animal pals in New York in September.

If Fish Could Fly

Actually, Marie Christophe’s Fugu fish light makes them do just that.

It’s A Mod, Mod Light

Marie Christophe’s Ibiza chandelier, complete with wooden beads, transparent crystals and white paper shade, gives this kitchen a fresh look.

Take A break and Chat with these Lovebirds!


Feeling Blue

See and Hear

Aptly name Elephant Papillion, Marie Christophe’s elephants sprout cute butterfly ears!


All Abuzz

This bee is all abuzz about the upcoming AD SPAIN feature!!!


Marie Christophe lights up Tangier

Bruno Frisoni, the artistic director of Roger Vivier, has a really hot house in Tangier, Morocco, and he asked Marie Christopher to jazz it up with some of her signature lighting fixtures. She created two chandeliers — one studded with ebony ceramics, the other with ivory — that play off of each other like piano keys.

Bruno Frisoni, Tangier


Parisian style

Quintessentially french.. this bike that travelled the Colette runway also is Marie’s masterpiece.  Rode its way into our hearts in T Mag and Vogue!

This Little Beauty!

This little beauty, by Marie Christopher, is prancing and dancing for Dior.

Follow Your Heart

Follow your heart… to the romantic light of Marie Christophe’s dazzling Crown chandelier featured in Boutique Design June issue.

Red Alert

Happy, exhilarating red!  Red is dynamic and adds life to any room. Explore your exotic side.. Marie Christophe channels Morocco with her Colonne hanging fixture which just so happens to be featured in Interior Design’s  Spring Market Tabloid.

“All of my life I’ve pursed the perfect red”–Diana Vreeland

Strewn with colorful beads

Pineapple sconce and a heart lamp…personality speaks through objects!

Take the shells

Leave the sand, take the shells… Marie Christophe’s custom seashell sculptures created for Holly Hunt.

Beading A Nest

Leave it to Marie Christophe to put the birds outside the cage. It goes without saying that their house would look great in your house.

Rivera Ready

Marie Christophe’s new Rivera lamp, with its sunny-side-up face, is really hot, hot, hot.

Boho Chic

Marie Christophe’s new Gypsy Light has the right vibe for the beach and beyond..

Caught! Marie Christophe’s Poisson Lamp

A fish that’s scaled with wire– has a new swimming hole!  Made it’s debut in Elle Decoration, France last year.

Who is the fairest of them all?

Spring flowers fade away, but Marie Christophe’s new Fleurs De Lice mirror offers a who’s-the-fairest bouquet every day. Just installed.. isn’t it a lovely addition to my client’s new bathroom!!

One mouse, two mouse in the house

Marie Christophe whimsically pairs this pair!

My Passion Fruit

A real bird, who apparently doesn’t know about Marie Christophe’s wire cages, perches on one of her chandeliers.

Our Tweetie may have been enticed by the light of Marie’s feather-friendly pineapple lamp.

Who-o-o-o makes the best wire sculptures?

It’s the wire-wise Marie Christophe who put together this pair of inquisitive-looking owls. Two are better than one.

What a hoot!

Hear Us Roar!

So in love with this pair!!!  Marie Christophe’s custom lion lamps for my client, in gold wire with gold and transparent crystals, are the pick of the pride.


A Delicate Balance

“Her work is like she is: light, airy and extremely poetic,”  says Roger Vivier’s creative director Bruno Frisoni, who’s commissioned many bespoke creations for Roger Vivier stores.

New York Times T Magazine, May 2015..


All’s Well in Wellsville

Natural light is a coveted commodity, especially when it’s filtered through Marie Christophe’s stunning Montgolfliere chandelier for my client’s house in Wellsville,(such a great name,isn’t it?).  At night, the chandelier gives it a low glow.

My favorite tweet


Justina Blakeney/LA Daily News

Spring has made my thoughts take flight all the way back to last June when the LA DAILY NEWS noted my new collection with Kaveri Singh & quoted me in the same feature with LA-based Designer/Stylist Extraordinaire Justina Blakeney. I still get thrills just thinking about it!   “Lisa Fontanarosa likes the unconventional, too, and that means hanging delicate curtains from the ceiling, draping them around windows and letting them cascade from outdoor arbors and gazebos”


A Rare Species

Marie Christophe’s latest birdie is something to tweet about: It’s a rare species, made by her hand only.

Such a Simple Idea

LA DAILY NEWS: “For as long as I can remember, I’ve decorated my garden gazebo and pergola with beautiful bespoke textiles sourced on my travels from Fiji and France,” said Fontanarosa, who lives in New Mexico.

“It’s such a simple idea that I remain surprised when people from my neighborhood make my house a stop on their daily walks. They sneak a peek inside and marvel at the textiles that I change with the seasons.”

Inside Out

Looking through Lily Latifi’s Milky Way laser cut translucent gliding panels is like viewing the world through rose-colored glasses. They make everything inside and outside beautiful.

A Bug’s Life

The busy beader.. dare I say even Tiffany couldn’t it better!

Sweet Little Birdie

This sweet little birdie is admiring the fresh spring blooms from the garden.

Currents, NY Times

Seems like yesterday that Marie Christophe got her first mention in the NY Times.  Her designs have, of course, stood the test of of the Times and of time.


There’s A Froggie on the Wall!

Marie Christophe’s cute climber, bulging eyes and all, is quite the charmer.


Marie Christophe’s High-Wire Circus

It’s exciting to discover that the design world is finally embracing all things animal. Marie Christophe’s wire fantastics have been depicting delightful creatures (poodles and pigs and giraffes and more birds than Hitchcock’s high-flying flick) for more than 16 years.  I’m glad the rest of the world is catching up with her creativity!

My Versailles

Marie Christophe’s dazzling wirework chandelier for Guerlain’s new shop, Cour des Senteurs in Versailles.

The Talk of the Table

I’m throwing together a small dinner party and wanted to create a centerpiece that will be a true conversation piece. My mind was on spring flowers in a vase, but that’s an idea that’s been done to death. Then I remembered the gilded wire birdcages that Marie Christophe crafted to highlight the high heels of Roger Vivier. They were featured in a Harper’s Bazaar spread in 2006. Leave it to Marie to create a witty centerpiece that’s literally the center of attention.

What do you put in a gilded wire birdcage?

Roger Vivier signature stilettos of course!  Roger Vivier commissioned the very first gilded wire birdcage by Marie Christophe in 2006 to highlight the heels of Roger Vivier…they were also featured in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine the same year.

So excited to tweet about this!

Cage Oiseau

Feathered in pink and red leaves leaves with gold and red crystals


Oh My Deer!


Bazaar Loves….


A French & Japanese Salute To Marie Christophe

Madame Figaro magazine has fallen head over heels in love with Marie Christophe (is there anyone who hasn’t?) and recently featured two of the wire sculptures she created for Roger Vivier in its Japanese edition. The female forms are fantastic, and the little doggie is to die for!

Shades of the Day!

LUXE magazine asked five designers to weigh in on the softer side of the color wheel, using the Dior Suite of the St. Regis Hotel in New York to illustrate their sharp-hued points. The suite accents its subtle serenity with a pretty palette of Bonita Ahuja’s Delice Vapour pillows in ivory, beige and dove grey. One of my fav projects!

La Fee Du Fil

The thread fairy…and the creations of Marie Christophe!

Hop into spring!

Marie Christophe’s new little birdie is ready to hop into spring.


A Perfect Pair

Lustre Rose, by Marie Christophe, brings a double bouquet of beauty to the home of Frederic Fekkai in the south of France. Featured in Architectural Digest March 2016!

Scent for the Orbs

The spiraling spheres of the custom chandeliers Marie Christophe designed for L’Artisan Perfumeur Paris really opened my eyes. How delightful to see her work from a different perspective and to stand under such lightness of being.


Musee Picasso Paris

The architecture is as stunning as the collection.


Puppy Power

The elephant’s new playmate.. a custom pooch with black crystal by Marie Christophe. Adds such a playful spirit!

Scissors, rock wire

Play it Marie Christophe’s way

I’ll Meet You in the Dior Suite

The Dior Suite of the St. Regis Hotel in NY gets its serenely chic look in large part from Bonita Ahuja’s pillows.  What a thrill for me to be part of such a fun and fashionable project.


Vautrin’s creations

Let’s go on a bike ride!

I’m in spring cycle which reminds me of one of my favorite projects I worked on with Marie Christophe for Colette, Paris’ cult-concept boutique. I asked Marie Christophe to create a life-size bicycle in wire with a crystal seat and crystal bell. I had it installed in the shop’s window so the sun could create a sparkling spotlight!

Take A Joyride

On Marie Christophe’s custom bike that traveled the Colette runway!



Obsessed with Mirrors!

The Scamper of Little Wire Paws

A new worker for Bruno Frisoni’s office.

Call it puppy love!

I can’t resist the sweet face of Marie Christophe’s wiry Afghan hound. What a cutie!

“Always Retain A Child’s Sense of Wonder About The World”

I adore Louise Bourgeois. I look at life with a childlike sense of wonder just like you Louise.. and thank you for being my inspiration.

Anything in Wire

Style’s all in the eye

See the art in Marie Christophe’s newest sculpture.

Work Things Out

The magic begins in Marie Christophe’s atelier, where her latest creations are waiting to be installed

Look at Art in a new way

Marie Christophe’s bird sculpture is studying a Pino Pascali drawing and a Claude Lalanne Pomme.

Sing For Spring!

Marie Christophe’s little birds help you whistle a happy tune.


Smile Through the Day

Marie Christophe’s flamingo will put you in the mood to play happy!

Be Flamboyant

One of my new favs!   Emu, Marie Christophe’s fabulous new pink crystal big bird.


Spring’s Sprung

Milieu Magazine’s spring issue gets off to an art start with a full-page story on our own Marie Christophe and her wire menagerie!

Wire and Sculpture

Crazy for the wire creations of Marie Christophe… Seeing art in a new way!

Covet & Collect

Graceful as a line drawing.. fantastical forms worthy of admiration! The highly coveted and infinitely collectible sculptures of Marie Christophe.

Artfully Inspired

Christo’s luminous pink skirted islands.. public pink fabric art of Christo’s.  My favorite and one of his greatest art installations!

Spread Your Wings

Fly high with Marie Christophe’s dove… these two are inseparable.

Paris Holds My Heart

“A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and the point of life”  — Thomas Jefferson

Inspiration and beauty everywhere.. always celebrating beauty, art and style.

Get Down To the Details

Marie Christophe’s Lustre Murano chandelier adds opulent elegance to a sparkling Paris bathroom.

Circles and Squares and Chic Ceramics

Soothing circles and squares and chic ceramics … that’s why Marie Christophe’s Palermes make perfect bedside lamps.

Lounge Lizard

Marie Christophe’s Lamp Bouteille can be seen lounging in the corner of this Paris apartment.


Bring the beach home

With Marie Christophe’s sculptural seashells.

The good blues

Marie Christophe, at my client’s request, has made her traditional red lobster blue.  And we can’t stop smiling!

Available at Garde, Los Angeles.

Keep the Mood Cozy!

Lamp Remy created for Jean-Louis Deniot keeps the mood cozy.

My Passion Fruit

I’ve taken to calling Marie Christophe’s latest lamp “Fruit of the Womb.” It’s a tangy, tropical take on the pineapple, which is, of course, the universal symbol of hospitality.

And the new version with it’s happy yellow shade puts me in a sunny state of mind!


Marie Christophe’s sweet birdie is ready to tweet…

about its pairing with a Roger Vivier stiletto in Bruno Frisoni’s Paris office.

Think Spring Colors

Marie’s red and gold bird finds its mellow yellow.

Fishy Fishy

No better way to usher in spring’s sunny days than with a touch of yellow!

Golden Winged Beauties

Follow the flights of Marie Christophe’s wiry bejeweled birdies. This trio is tops!

Make A Bold Move

Marie Christophe’s red-ceramic sconces make just the right statement in Bruno Frisoni’s house in Tangiers.

Vogue agrees with me as these fabulous sconces were also  featured in Vogue!


A perfect Pair

Lustre Rose, by Marie Christophe, brings a double bouquet of beauty to the home of Frederic Fekkai in the south of France.

Be Wise

Marie Christophe’s owl lamp takes center stage in this fabulous Milan apartment.

Be Dazzling

Like Marie Christophe’s Crown Chandelier

Feather Your Nest

With the birds of Marie Christophe.. this one makes my heart skip a beat!


Pink Perfection

Color enhances the senses.. Primrose and Lorelei textiles are so at  home hanging out in my client’s beautiful veranda.

Go Vogue

That’s where you’ll find Marie Christophe’s little chirper.

Soft & Sweet

Lime Dragon is all pretty in petal pink.  The pattern, on screen – printed cotton voile looks very Sixties, don’t you think?

Join The Peace Talks

Marie Christophe’s Dove lamps created for Bergdorf Goodman start the conversation.


Live in Grand Style

With Marie Christophe’s Ibiza ceramic and wood chandelier.

Fly The Flamingos

Marie Christophe’s birds walk on the wild and domestic side

Giving Wings to Wire

What I’m tweeting about!

Look at the Birdie

Marie Christophe’s big bird has an eye for great design.

Wake Up and Smell the flowers

Follow the flight of Marie Christophe’s wiry birdie, who goes by the name of Inseparable.

Painterly Touches

What does the beautiful blue-eyed octopus  and “painterly touches”  have in common?  See the full feature  in Interior Design Fall Market Tabloid!!


Right At Home

This little bejeweled birdie is  feeling right at home in his new digs!

A Land -Line Lobster

Marie Christophe’s sculpture adorns the wall of the New York home of designer Brian J. McCarthy and Dani Sager.


Make the Leap

With this new flamingo

Go With this Glow

These bees are all abuzz about Marie Christophe’s illuminated sculptures.

All Dressed Up

With a great place to go: Galerie V Paris.

Who Moved My Cheese?

Marie Christophe puts a mouse in the house.

Rivera Vibes

Marie Christophe’s new Rivera lamp, with its sunny-side-up face, is really hot, hot, hot.

Light a fire in the new year

Let Marie Christophe’s first chandelier, Montgolfliere, inspire you.

Hoot Hoot!

Just installed.. ..the hibou sculpture is so happy hanging out in his new digs!


Who’s the Wisest?

Marie Christophe’s owl, from the vantage point of a New York City apartment, is giving 2016 a new look.  Don’t you love it?


Marie Christophe’s Lustre Baccarat Petite chandelier, with its loop de loop chains and Baccarat crystal flowers, is looking lovely in this San Francisco entry.

What will 2016 bring?

Look into Marie Christophe’s Anneaux mirror, a sunburst of blue, white and black ceramic beads, that is featured in the January issue of Architectural Digest.

Get some new ideas

Take Marie Christophe’s hand for a tour of the custom pieces she made for Holly Hunt’s showroom.

Custom for Holly Hunt Showroom

Paradise Tree

Memories of fantastically over decorated woods, wonderlands and secret gardens in children’s books was the inspiration for this fantastical floor screen by A & V.  It is a tribute to a strong love to all that grows and blooms.  A super-natural tree where everything grows:  cherries, roses, and pomegranates and birds flutter.  Fantasy and fairytale .. the best!

Fantasy Gifts

Getting Michelle Brand’s Cascade Lancashire recognized as one of the world’s best of the best was the greatest Christmas gift I got in 2009.  We were  beyond excited to get her chandelier featured  in the famous NM Christmas Book–one of only nine fantasy items selected!

A Pair of Homebodies

Marie Christophe’s bee sconce and sculpture are right at home in Muriel Brandolini’s house.

The World of Muriel Brandolini

Custom sculpture for Muriel Brandolini featured in The World of Muriel Brandolini p. 130

Wire and Scissors

Marie Christophe’s sculptures are cutting edge.

Look at the Birdie

Marie Christophe gives wings to wire.

Open Your Eyes

Marie Christophe’s owl helps you see things in a different light.

Imagine Winging It with A Dragonfly

The dragonfly has always symbolized light, hope, and  transformation…reminds us all for the need for freedom and a fuller expression of life. Marie Christophe’s dragonfly sculpture is my inspiration!

Count Your chickens (and your blessings)

With a little help from Marie Christophe’s mother hen.



Indigo Birds by Li Edelkoordt for Merci Paris

Li Edelkoordt’s beautiful indigo birds  for Merci Paris.. one of my favorite exhibitions at Merci, Paris!


Be like the lovebirds

This pair in Marie Christophe’s wire cage are lifelong companions

Retweet and Reset

Marie Christophe’s little golden-winged birdie will carry your messages far and wide.

The eye of the rhino

Marie’s beautiful beast is living in the kitchen/dining area of a client’s private home.  When the sun comes, the owners can see the rhino looking at them through the reflection it casts on the wall.

Brilliant Illustrator Donald Robertson

Love Donald Robertson’s  brilliant illustrations .. but this was such an awesome draw with coffee; his tribute for love and peace for Paris!

Lace Borders… Parc Monceau,Paris

Rewire your life

See things in a different light with Marie Christophe’s Toyko table lamp.

Color Palette

Loving this color palette

Windows, Views and Fantastic Light

The interiors of Axel Vervoordt..always inspiring!

Color Palette Hero Restaurant, Paris

Leave the sand, take the shells

Marie Christophe’s seashells in crystal and wire created exclusively for Holly Hunt.

A Favorite Quote

Grace Coddington– Creative Director American Vogue

Custom Ibiza Channels an Island Feel

I love it  when clients share the joy our pieces bring to them.  In this case, a custom version of Marie Christophe’s Ibiza chandelier for my client and interior designer, Susan Fredman channels a  casual island look with it’s  sun-like globe in wire, & sand-color wooden beads.  It puts me in an a chic and relaxed state of mind.  You can read all about it in the March/April issue of Luxe Magazine!


The Playful Work of Artist Wayne Pate


Go Shopping In Style

Go shopping in high style … with Marie Christophe’s chic crock, who is carrying a handbag on his back.  See him at Beynat et Janniaux, Paris.  In case you’re wondering, that’s the shop that makes the crocodile-skin bags for Vuitton and Hermes, but not this guy.

Tour Eiffel

First Floor by Cyrille Weiner

Be Adventurous

Follow Marie Christophe’s wire rhino; wherever you end up, the pleasure will be unexpected.

Kelly’s Sense of Style

I am quite smitten with Kelly Wearstler’s sense of style.  She is a modern-day Dorothy Draper in the sense that she has truly mastered the art of bold and unexpected style.  I adore Kelly’s sumptuous color palette and timeless east asian influence.

Kelly’s Space

During my recent trip to New York City, I visited Bergdorf Goodman. To my surprise and great delight, I met designer Kelly Wearstler, who was nice enough to give me a personal tour of her space …and… her favorite chocolate.  Don’t you just love it?

She is as lovely as she is talented!

The Big Apple

Recent visit, NY…..

The Apartment by The Line, NY

Love the well edited and precise selection at this fab NY boutique.


See Yourself in an Exotic Way

Marie Christophe’s custom mirror sculpture suspended in the window of jeweler Marie Helene de Taillac New York.

A Rickshaw in Paris

A favorite window display.. Paris based designer, Marie Helene de Taillac’s natural colorful  gemstone creations glisten in the shop’s new window!

Odd + Imperfect= Interesting

Peggy and the world’s most beloved mobile

I adored Peggy Gougenheim’s  love of art and this photograph is a tribute to her exuberant spirit and admiration for the world’s most beloved mobile.

In the Spirt of Paris Fashion Week

I was looking through my files and fell in love with Marie Christophe’s life-sized animal sculptures for the Musee de la Mode all over again.  She made them in 1998 – can it really have been that long ago?  The peacock strutted for Chanel; the giraffe loped for Issey Miyake; the swan swanned for Jean-Paul Gaultier; the hare hopped for Yohji Yamamoto; the ostrich sashayed for Christian Lacroix; the rooster crowed only for Comme des Garcons. Magnifique!


The Busy Beader

This shiny scarab… the humble subjects that Marie Christophe has turned into high art.

Dare I say, even Tiffany couldn’t do it better!

Lucky Cluck

This lucky cluck was selected by Vogue’s Editor in Chief, Anna Wintour to appear in the special anniversary issue of Conde Nast called Conde Nast Design. The magazine celebrates all aspects of modern design in architecture, interiors and of course fashion.

Hits newsstands this week!


For Frederic Fekkai

Gatherings of guests are twice as nice when your dining table shares a pair of Marie Christophe’s pink-crystal chandeliers.

Custom chandeliers in pink crystal commissioned by Frederic Fekkai.

Take Time to Look

Spidey Comes A Calling

Marie Christophe’s black beauty.

Everything’s Marie Christophe at the show at Creel & Gow


Cuddle Up with Marie Christophe’s blue- eyed octopus

Let Yourself Soar

Adore this bird trio….

Unexpected Magic

I’m excited to show off Milieu’s fall issue because it features one of my favorite projects with a favorite interior designer, Fern Santini.

Fern, a fabulous interior designer in Austin, made the playfully poetic bee sconces and cinderella- esque Montgolfliere Or chandelier the centerpieces of this home in Houston. We think they added such an  artful dimension to the home.  Congrats on the 14 pg feature Fern Santini!


Enchanting Abiquiu

This part of New Mexico has captivated since I moved here.  The 165 yr old yellow cream and deep red sandstone cliffs along with pedernal mountain create stunning views.  Always awe inspiring!


“I think it’s so foolish for people to want to be happy.  Happy is so momentary – you’re happy for an instant and then you start thinking again. Interest is the most important thing in life; happiness is temporary, but interest is continuous.” — Georgia O’Keeffe

El Farolito, El Rito

The charming restaurant El Farolito in the historic village of El Rito, New Mexico

I Believe in Magic

Once upon a time, there was a woman named Lisa Fontanarosa whose talent was discovering true talent.. As she was traveling far & wide, Lisa discovered an artist named Marie Christophe who created sculptures that were wired for life.
They flew out of her atelier, whirled around the world & landed in the land of make-believe, where dogs take chandeliers for a spin and church mice chase bicycles.   It was as the storybooks say, a magical moment!

 VOGUE..We’ve Been Waiting for you!

In Style With Vogue

The best part of my summer was dining alfresco with Vogue in France. This photo, taken at Marie Christophe’s 18th-century home in the picturesque countryside of Gers, captures the fashionable memory beautifully. So the does the article in the September issue of the magazine.  Summer dining no other way!


Sunflowers and beautiful ceramics create the perfect vignette.

Bird Song

Marie Christophe’s  bejeweled birdies takes us on flights of fantasy without so much as flapping a wing or turning a feather.

Not that’s really something to tweet about.


Marie Christophe’s Cinderella chandelier (Mongolfoliere Or) is dazzling in this contemporary bedroom. With gold and prune crystals dangling from their delicate wirework forms, they promise enchanting evenings. The gold beads and prune crystals turn daylight into starlight.

Interior design by Fern Santini.

Characterful Carmes

Charming Toulouse!  Grandiose yet unique architecture with 16th century buildings which  line cobbled streets.. their shutters painted in pretty pastel shades.

A favorite street in Toulouse France.


Marie Christophe is in Vogue

Marie Christophe is in Vogue.. and since she worked her first wire, she’s always been in vogue.

It’s been so wonderful being your agent all these years!!!!


Take flight with Marie Christophe’s airy aerie (see it in Vogue September issue)

Shimmering Swans

Only Marie Christophe would think of spotlighting swans in a chandelier. Lustre Cygnes, in green opal crystal and gold beads, marries the birds with wirework for life.



Parisian interior with a twist.. in love with the color palette.  Very chic and well edited space.. and those floors!

Tabletop Talk

I just picked up a copy of A La Table Des Designers and was pleased to see that Marie Christophe’s sculptures are the icing on the cake.

Makes me want to have seconds – and thirds!

What a Hoot

The windows for Bergdorf Goodman (the crown jewel of the retail world) continue to astonish and delight all who flock to them- passersby who stop on the street year round to gaze at them getting caught up in their magic. The windows are a visual treat- juxtaposing art, romance and fantasy -We were so pleased that they selected the Hibou lamp for one of her enchanting window displays… simply marvelous and oh so magical!

Fine Feathers

These lovely little birdies with their crystal feathers made their debut in the September issue of  Vogue!


My new prickly passion fruit sconce!

Marie Christophe’s new tangy tropical take on the pineapple AND it’s wired for fun!


With Marie Christophe’s bougeoirs and beautiful birdie in gold crystals.


Vogue digital edition is currently tweeting about Piu Piu…Marie Christophe’s adorable crystal birdie

Get A Head Start

Pick Marie Christophe’s brainy bird.


A High-Design Hive

A pair of custom bee sconces by Marie Christophe are creating quite a buzz in the Houston house they were designed for.  At night, when there are no lights, one is temped to believe that they take flights of fancy around the trio of prune and gold crystal wire chandeliers my client commissioned.

Interior design by Fern Santini.

Work Things Out

The magic begins in Marie Christophe’s atelier, where her latest creations are waiting to be installed.

Bee Busy

Make Marie Christophe your creative muse!

Siren Song

Our undulating pattern called Lorelei keeps calling to me and I can’t help but hear it because the fuchsia color way of the shibori silk shantung streamers catches my eye as well as my ear.

Hold Your Head High

Follow in the proud footsteps of Marie Christophe’s pretty pink peacock

See The World In A New Light

Marie Christophe’s Boules Opaline light fixtures double as sculptural objects

Lighten Your Life

Lighten your life.. hang out with Marie Christophe chandeliers!

Interior design by Andra Birkerts Design.

Beauties at the beach

Marie Christophe’s Ibiza chandelier channels a casual island look with wire and sand-color wooden and ceramic beads

Jean-Louis Deniot Goes Abstract

The St. Remy lamp, an exclusive creation by Marie Christophe for Jean-Louis Deniot (also happens to be one of my favorites) made it’s debut in the new book ” My Stylish French Girlfriends”. It’s patterned blue & brown fabric shade is a foil for the base’s sinuous lines, which are highlighted by assorted ceramic colorful beads.

Do The Elephant Walk

Follow Marie Christophe’s lead


Derriere, Paris’ Hidden Gem!

A must whenever I visit Paris.. love the vibe here.



Let Marie Christophe take you to the beach!

Understated Elegance

Bowls by Marie Christophe

My Stylish French Girlfriends

Marie Christophe and her work are featured in Sharon Santoni’s My Stylish French Girlfriends.

Custom Whimsey in Wire for Jean-Louis Deniot

Flip the switch … see the St. Remy lamp Marie Christophe created for Jean-Louis Deniot, Paris


Dare to be Different

Keep your life full with Marie Christophe’s empty bag for Chanel, Paris.

Rewire your Life

Let Marie Christophe show you how!


You’ll find me relaxing here.. surrounded by Kinsu, our beautiful blue washed linen shibori streamers.  The only thing missing is my limoncello.


Adore the desert landscape!

Perched to Perfection

This wiry bird can’t fly, which is exactly  why I gave it a fancy place to perch.

Look Inside Yourself

Marie Christophe’s mirrors for Jean-Louis Deniot in black and white ceramics are chic all over. Simple in form yet stunningly intricate.  Transform any interior with this powerful palette..the new modern monochrome!!

Bee Mine

Love this busy buzzer.

Waves to the Waves

Marie Christophe shows off her seashells by the seaside.


Explore Marie Christophe’s sculptural masterpieces for Jean-Louis Deniot, Paris.

Try New Things

Be inspired by Marie Christophe’s latest creations.

Gotta Light?

Marie Christophe’s Lamp Bouteille can be found lounging in the corner of this chic Paris loft.

Explore Your Exotic Side

Marie Christophe channels Morocco with her Colonne hanging fixture and Nacre Black chandelier made for a client’s house.

My Versailles

Marie Christophe’s dazzling wirework chandelier for La Cour des Senteurs, Guerlain’s new shop in Versailles


Stand on your own two feet (or one) … Marie Christophe’s pink flamingo eyes her beautiful green crown chandelier.


Connecting the Dots – and the Wires

One chandelier is glorious, but a half dozen Marie Christophe creations suspended in the same room like ballerinas- well, that’s downright illuminating.  Every time I visit,  I get inspired by all her wires.

The Deep Blue Sea

When I think of blue, I think of Picasso’s Blue Period and Keto, our squiggly stylized jellyfish cotton voile streamers…fluid as the ocean and mysterious as the hidden world that nature created for us to marvel at.



“That Paris exists  and anyone could choose to live anywhere else in the world will always be a mystery to me”– Midnight in Paris


Hello Beauty

In love with this new bejeweled birdie


Dining in Style

Marie Christophe’s Lamp Bouteille makes this casual dining room in a Paris apartment feel relaxed and modern. White with touches of black feels so right!

Flap Your Wings

Be as bold and open as Marie Christophe’s wire chickens

Shop of Dreams

Deyrolle, Paris is a shop of dreams and natural curiosities.  A place to inspire.


Bejeweled Birdie

Marie Christophe’s stunning bejeweled birdie.

Gio Ponti, my modernist muse

Ponti was not content with creating mere spaces, he also sought to fill them with beautiful objects. He believed a home needed luminosity, modernity, color and large rooms.

My personal favorite, is Parco dei Principi, Sorrento Italy.

Who wants lobster?

Marie Christophe’s hard-boiled beauty in deep-sea red.

Discover your inner Parisienne

Bon Marche, the good deal is anything but… still one of my favorite places to shop in Paris.


Working Wonders

Ah the charm of the artist’s atelier.  Marie Christophe’s former atelier in Clichy and where she did her high -wire act.



The most beautiful house in the world

Often called one of the most beautiful houses in the world, Casa Malaparte in Capri, Italy is dramatically situated overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.   A work of art!

Look what I caught!

Marie Christophe’s big-eye fish with black and white accents

Jardin Majorelle Marrakech

My inspirational garden… I love the way the indigo walls blend with the greenery of the garden.

Insanely Beautiful Butterfly!

Let your wings take you where you desire with Marie Christophe’s new butterfly sculpture.

High Wire Chandeliers

I always look for the unexpected.. In Marie Christophe’s high wire chandeliers, I see the spaces that her spaces outline like a lead pencil drawing. Their very nothingness is what makes them them so spectacular that I can’t get enough of them.


An Eye For Design Diane Dorrans Saeks

Jean-Louis Deniot Interiors, by Diane Dorrans Saeks is the first book devoted to Jean-Louis’ work which is playful, theatrical, timeless and chic. Like Jean-Louis Deniot interiors, Diane’s book captivates and feeds the soul, transporting the reader into the elegant, embracing realm of his dazzling interiors she so eloquently describes in her book.  A must read!

Adore India Mahdavi’s Aesthetic

The spaces she creates are pure joy!

Bee Mine

Marie Christophe has been busy as a, well see for yourself.  Her Bee wall sconces originally created for Baby Dior has everyone buzzing!


J’Adore for Dior Baby in Paris… let Marie Christophe’s chandelier start the game.

Flower Power

Primrose, a tied dyed hand stitched cotton voile curtain as inspired by the flowers of Matisse’s paintings.  Love how they appear to grow out of the fabric, breaking their blooms into a third dimension.

Wire Menagerie

I was looking through my files and fell in love with Marie Christophe’s life-size sculptures for the Musee de la Mode all over again. She made them in 1998 — can it really have been that long ago? The peacock strutted for Chanel; the giraffe loped for Issey Miyake; the swan swanned for Jean-Paul Gaultier; the hare hopped for Yohji Yamamoto; the ostrich sashayed for Christian Lacroix; and the rooster crowed only for Comme des Garcon. Magnifique!

Childlike Wonder

Ah, to see things through the bright eyes of a child!  Talc, a children’s shop on paris’ Left Bank, commissioned Marie to make the menagerie of animal sculptures. The birds, monkey, bee, hippo and elephant lamp have been attracting the attention only of children but also adults.

I know; I was one of the people pressing my noise against the window in awe!!!

Penguin Playpen

You know the holidays are here when Marie Christophe puts the tuxes on the penguins. They made their debut at Galerie Lafayettes in Paris December 2014.  Wired for the festivities, they were all set to waddle the night away!

The Vignellis- Dictators of Design

“Good design lasts,” says Massimo Vignelli. “Design is not a style. It’s an attitude.”  He used to say “designers should behave like doctors suggesting to our clients to do what they need not to do what they want”.

My first job after college, their view shaped my design vision.  Such a privilege and a great pleasure to work there.

Break Out of the Cage

Marie Christophe’s fabulous flights of fancy are flapping their crystal and wire wings and fluttering freely about Paris’ Hotel La Belle Juliette, St. Germain des Pres.

There’s no better Tweet than these sweet tweets from Marie Christophe!

Saying is Believing

Welcome to my world, where the ideas that I see in my head take shape in your home. Saying is believing.. Marie Christophe’s  written- word sculpture. Marie Christophe “wired” the simple sentiment for a client in France, but it has global eye appeal.

At home with Tom Ford

I’ve always had a warm spot in my heart for fashionista Tom Ford.  Like me, he moved to New Mexico from New York to embrace the true nature of nature.  His home, an ode to the work of self-taught Japanese architect Tadao Ando, is minimalist to the max.  All I can say is, “WOW”!  It turns the landscape into a sun -illuminated runway.


Marie Christophe’s custom little lamb for Jean-Louis Deniot

Marie Christophe’s custom little lamb for Jean-Louis Deniot was showing off  its wire wool white ceramics in the Jan  2015 issue of Architectural Digest Russia.

Georgia O’Keeffe

Adore Myron Wood’s photographs especially this one of  Georgia O’Keeffe’s studio in Abiquiu, New Mexico.


Marie Christophe Lamp Palerme’s at the Wynn Casino in Las Vegas…a wynning combination for sure!

The Ones That Got Away!

Marie Christophe’s lobster and crab seafood salad.

The Discerning Eye of Jean-Louis Deniot

Parisian interior designer Jean-Louis Deniot, who has done high-profile projects for princesses and personalities chose Marie Christophe to design bowls in black and white ceramics as well as a pair of lamps and sculptures for his clients.  All simple in form yet stunningly intricate, they speak of exquisite taste.

As talented and approachable as Jean-Louis Deniot is, what I also admire about him is that he has always chosen to work with exceptionally talented, passionate, poetic people in Paris and beyond… Naturally, this resonates with me due to his collaboration with Marie Christophe!



Imagination takes flight…the fabulous new bird in red and pink ceramics  created for Jean-Louis Deniot winging it on the wire.

A Jewel Hidden Away in Milan

Osanna Visconti’s home is as fabulous as her   furniture collection. Her beautiful contemporary living room adorned with Anish Kappor’s mirror dominates the living room… Rich but casual vibe!



Bird On A Wire

In love with these beautiful birds created by Marie Christophe for Hotel La belle Juliette, Paris!

Touring Italy Via France

Every time I see a photo of Frenchman Francois Halard, I get Italy on my mind.  It was he who took the photos of Casa Malaparte, the villa in Capri, Italy that has captured my  heart.  I love the decorating style of his New York City loft because it is there that he collected the most beautiful objects and images from his shoots of the world’s most dramatic houses.


Visit the Petting Zoo

Marie Christophe’s animals don’t bite; see them at Flair Gallerie in Arles, France.


Dreaming of La Dolce Vita

I’ll never forget my first visit to interior designer, Hanne Lise Poli’s idyllic guesthouse in the Italian hillside overlooking Lake Bracciano in Trevignano.

Hanne’s house, just north of Rome, is then perfect retreat.

I can’t wait to work with her again so I have the chance to “la dolce vita,” – even if only for a couple of days!

Line Vautrin Poetess of metal

When I was in Paris at the Galerie Jean David Botella, I got a chance to reflect upon the sparkling mirrors of Line Vautrin and the work of Francois-Xavier Lalanne, another of my favorites.  This vintage photo of Line reminds me of Marie Christophe, who created her own pineapple lamp.


Polish your French

Woof! Woof! for Marie Christophe.

Let Yourself Stand Out

Take your cue from Marie Christophe’s elephant in the room.


A confection in gold!  The colossal custom chandelier created for Guerlain’s new shop in Versailles, was inspired by the gilded bees on vintage Guerlain perfume bottles.    Featured in Marie Claire, Italy.   Bravo!

Love Many Things!

Christmas Night Lights

On Christmas Eve, I never miss the Canyon Ranch Farolito Walk.  A cold winter night in a 400 yr old city… and the only lights you see are the candles placed inside paper bags called farolitos.   This charming holiday tradition involves nothing more than strolling and taking in the soft, flickering glow of the farolitos.  The glow of the farolitos, that line the narrow streets and Abode walls,  and aromatic piñon logs that fill the air, grounds me and reminds me that if you seek out the simple delights in life, you never will be disappointed.

Collecting my thoughts on art and cooking

Valeria Napoleone is a woman after my own heart and art. I discovered her around the time I launched my own business in 1997- she was the inspiration for me to follow my dream – of discovering and representing works of art.

“Valeria Napoleone’s Catalogue of Exquisite Recipes”,  combines her  two passions– pairing artworks (no surprise there) with recipes from her native Italy. The artistic images relate to food, cooking and entertaining… truly inspiring!


I’d like to invite you to come with me on a journey of personal discovery, where I share with you all the design discoveries that play to my passion. Along the way, we’ll meet some of the most amazing artists, so get ready to be amazed and enchanted.

And enjoy!

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