Softly Subtle

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When I saw Bonita Ahuja’s latest hand-woven fabric, Ray, it brought to mind spires of light at night.  The hand-dyed grey-green wool and silk cloth, crossed with aubergine, is trimmed in a vintage lilac silk.

ray aubergine

Monster Mash

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Adam & Viktoria’s newest pillow takes Art Deco to the cheeky edge by channeling Edgar. That’s Edgar Allan Poe, and yes, that’s a friendly monster face grinning back at you.

Edgar dusk green

Edgar candy flos

Edgar mandarin orange



Christophe Does Calder

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Marie Christophe’s  wonderful  wiry mobile, with its shiny blue and silver discs, caught the attention of Marie Claire Maison, which featured it on the cover.  Graceful and graphic, they blur the boundaries between art and design, and are perfect for pendant poise at home. They can be hung like pendant lights, suspended to provide sculptural room dividers, idling in the breeze or rotating at a touch.

Cartier also commissioned a pair for their stylish Paris windows.. no wonder the zebra can’t take it’s eyes off it!


The Timelessness Test

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It seems like only yesterday that Adam & Viktoria created the custom pillows for Frédéric Fekkai that were featured in the 2008 Elle Décor spread that I so love. 

As for today, well, we all can have the beautiful bolsters because Adam & Vitkoria have added an 18 inch by 12 inch Nautilus in Parrot Red Hazelnut as well as the  Chinoiserie in Aqua Olive to their newest collection.

My sofa is super excited!


a and v custom for frederic fekkai



Suzy and Marie

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Adore interior designer, Suzy Hoodless – have you seen her wallpaper– it’s fabulous!

Marie Christophe’s Hibou lamp made a cameo appearance in Traditional Home’s 2008 feature on London interior designer Suzy Hoodless.

Suzy put the lamp in her store window, and the rest is history. The Hibou isn’t exactly traditional, but it proves  that great pieces look wonderful wherever you put them.

lamp hibou

Scent for the Orbs

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The spiraling spheres of the custom chandeliers Marie Christophe designed for L’Artisan Perfumeur Paris really opened my eyes.

How delightful to see her work from a different perspective and to stand under such lightness of being.

artisanparfumeur 2



A Re-Blossoming

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Adam & Viktoria’s new spring collection puts more bloom on the blushing blooms; Cloves taking inspiration from the Indienne textiles made in Europe during the 17th and 19th century, Argyle, here overgrown with flowers, a grid where the organic takes over, Edgar our sweet cheeky monster and reworked Chrysanthemum, which looks like a vivid charcoal drawn on paper.

av spring

av four

av two

av three



Argyle Kicks Up Its Heels

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Built on Scottish clan patterns, Adam & Viktoria’s Argyle adds flowers to the traditional grid for a more youthful look.

Argyle blue grey

Argyle green grey

Argyle mudstone

Argyle silver grey

Here’s To Cupid’s Cutest Couple

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The  chocolate truffles, the long stemmed red roses— they can’t hold a candle to the romantic Mr. and Mrs . Lamps by Marie Christophe.  They are anything but an old married couple.  The Mr. has a handlebar mustache and a silly smile: Mrs. has a sunny corona and a set of Mae West eyelashes that reach for the stars.  These were custom for  Thanks for sharing Tinatin..

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Mr lamp custom


MRS custom



Give Them A Kite!

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Long before “Saving Mr. Banks,” Marie Christophe’s penguins had been dancing their way into my heart. I wonder whether P.L. Travers, that’s Mrs. Travers to you and me and Disney, would approve.