Shimmering Swans

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Only Marie Christophe would think of spotlighting swans in a chandelier. Lustre Cygnes, in green opal crystal and gold beads, marries the birds with wirework for life.

elledec november



A ’60’s Style Sleeper

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Adam & Viktoria’s Turkish Delight pillow rests its heady head on Trina Turk’s 1960s-style bed, which is a design groupie’s dream.

Turk is, of course, most famous for her Nifty Sixties-inspired California fashions, and  Adam & Viktoria’s pillow, in a custom orange velvet that reminds me of autumn leaves, fits right in with the mod, mod theme of the room, which was also featured in Elle Decor.  So excited for  fall!

Adam  Viktoria Elle Decor


Gotta a Light?

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There’s nothing like a floor lamp to bring the walls and ceiling of a room to life, as Marie Christophe, mistress of illumination, has shown over and over again.  In her wire works, the light becomes an artist who paints an ever-changing shadow picture that transforms the space.


MC Elle

Bauhaus Meets Mondrian

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Harlequin and Twine, made of  velvet on linen, feature graphically bold colors and clean lines.  They are  so very Bauhaus and ’70s Mondrian.

twine porcelain blue

twine arugula green

twine brown truffels

twine dusk grey

harlequin orange glow

harlequin porcelain blue

harlequin dark arugula

harlequin dusk grey

Wire Menagerie

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I was looking through my files and fell in love with Marie Christophe’s life-size sculptures for the Musee de la Mode all over again.  She made them in 1998  — can it really have been that long ago?  The peacock strutted for Chanel; the giraffe loped for Issey Miyake; the swan swanned for Jean-Paul Gaultier; the hare hopped for Yohji Yamamoto; the ostrich sashayed for Christian Lacroix; and the rooster crowed only for Comme des Garcon.  Magnifique!


Get Comfortable

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The October issue of  House and Home (Canada)  falls for fall and for Adam & Viktoria’s autumnal pillows.

The cozy coverage is a perfect way to sink into the new season.

Adam Viktoria pillows HH Oct.jpg

chinoiserie red hazel

feathers parrot red

still life night  burnt orange

Swimming in Summer Light

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Marie Christophe immortalizes the itsy bitsy bikini in her Baigneuse lamp.

Her Bather makes me laugh and reminds me that there is light at the end of the Summer tunnel: Summer can be enjoyed year round with a flick of a switch!



Summer Lite

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Chinoiserie, a pillow pattern by Adam & Viktoria, shows its softer side: It’s now available in dusky silk and jewel-toned velvet, with see-through sequins and a monochrome silhouette. It comes in two gorgeous colorways: Mono Chocolate Brown and Mono Oasis Blue.

chinoiserie mono chocolate brown

chinoiserie mono oasis blue

Sunny Side Up

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Marie Christophe’s Soleil sculpture keeps my sunny side up.  It’s interplay of wire and ceramics reminds me once again that the lovely days of summer are endless.



Think Big

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My Darling Edgar, one of Adam & Viktoria’s more playful patterns, has grown up: he is  26″ x 26″ inches.

Dressed in black velvet and embroidery, it’s the sweetest monster you can snuggle with on the sofa.  It also comes in Dusk Green, Mandarin Orange and Candy Flos.


Edgar dusk green

Edgar mandarin orange

Edgar candy flos