Lobster Love

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What’s black and white and red and getting read about a lot?  Marie’s Christophe’s lobster sconce, which is featured in Interior Design’s fall tabloid issue.

Love it!  Love the story!  Go get a copy!

Interior Design



Tropical Flower Sconce

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It’s summer every season of the year with Marie Christophe’s wandering wall flower.

Made of natural wood, ebonized wood and brass, this 43-inch beauty will never wilt.

flower sconce


photo 3

Painting in Wire

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JEAN LOUIS DENIOT PARIS goes abstract with the St. Remy lamp, an exclusive creation by Marie Christophe.  Its patterned fabric shade is a foil for the base’s sinuous lines, which are highlighted by ceramic beads.

St remy

Japanesque Jewel

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New Kyoto, a 21-inch-square silk and velvet pillow by Adam & Vitkoria, looks like a Japanese kimono afloat on a shiny stream shaded by cherry trees. It comes in bitter chocolate on grey/brown silk, verona green on grey-green silk and blue plum on intense dark blue silk and features embroidery appliquéd with metallic threads.

You’ll want them all!

New Kyoto verona green bitter chocolate Pinto bitter chocolate

new kyoto bitter chocolate

new kyoto verona green

new kyoto blue plum


Wire Menagerie

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I was looking through my files and fell in love with Marie Christophe’s life-size sculptures for the Musee de la Mode all over again. She made them in 1998  — can it really have been that long ago? The peacock strutted for Chanel; the giraffe loped for Issey Miyake; the swan swanned for Jean-Paul Gaultier; the hare hopped for Yohji Yamamoto; the ostrich sashayed for Christian Lacroix; and the rooster crowed only for Comme des Garcon. Magnifique!


Take Me Along

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It’s Fashion Week, and everyone and his dog are begging for invitations, which is why Marie Christophe wired this puppy and purse.  Let’s hope they get a front-row seat.


A Beautiful View

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Inspired by architectural motifs and inlays, Bonita Ahuja of India has created a  new collection of curtains  called “Etchings”.

The textured-silk panels, come in two patterns – Balance and Block – and are drawn in four colorways – berry, ivory, charcoal and ink.  I like to mix and match them to the max.

balance berry


balance ivory

block ink

block ink

Black Beauties

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Marie Christophe’s high-wire crystal chandeliers are always the belles of the ball…whether they’re dancing over the pool or brightening up a daybed, kitchen or any room in the house.  And these beauties (Lustre Noir) are so fun— the black crystals act as earrings to the necklace of transparent ones.





Tabletop Talk

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I just picked up a copy of  A La Table Des Designers and was pleased to see that Marie Christophe’s sculptures are the icing on the cake.

Makes me want to have seconds – and thirds!


At Home with Contrasts

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Great design isn’t always black and white – unless it is.  I was reminded of this when I came across a photo of Harry Bertoia’s home.  His chairs – black and white – are lined up side by side in a perfect display that plays off the dramatic interplay of positive and negative space.