A Shot of Color

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Adam and Viktoria’s Tulipa throw pillows, in rich brown violet velvet, cast a colorful spell in the basement of this private house, providing additional heat to the warm winter white.

av custom

adam viktoria seven

Happy Birthday Daddy

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My dad recently passed away.  Today seemed like the most appropriate day to honor his life and to post this tribute,  as today is his 79th birthday.

As I was sitting in my garden writing this tribute to my father, a large yellow butterfly suddenly appeared and was fluttering around me for about 10 minutes.  And that’s when I knew that mommy and daddy are united and their souls are lighting up the eternal sky.  It was all in the wings of the butterfly.

And those wings took me to a wonderful essay by Pico Iyer that is on the value of suffering.  It is one of the best pieces I have read in a long time.  He wrote: “We sometimes seem to forget or perhaps wish to forget that suffering is an inherited aspect of existence.”

That reminded me of something my friend, Kaveri Singh who painted the murals in the ancient temples of India once said to me.  “I realize that these moments that we have, when we are forced to be present due to circumstances, are sometimes the most meaningful.”

Death, like life, is an illusion. … the real loss would be if our loved ones did not live on in our hearts and minds.

The loss and sadness  which is deep and doesn’t have many words, is the hard part, but I was blessed to have such a special father and mother.

And he and my mother will live on in my mind and in the uplifting wings of the butterfly.

I think the only reason we’re here is to experience love and joy and know empathy.

I can still see the butterfly flying away.  How I wished it had stayed with me.  But I know it’s for the better good.

As Sarah Kaye wrote, “There’s nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline no matter how many times it’s sent away.”

because there's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away. sarah kay

Mommy and Daddy, I’ll keep sending you butterfly kisses. I love you both  always and forever.


Hanging with Jean-Louis Denoit

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When I was in San Francisco, I caught up with French designer Jean-Louis Deniot, who was signing copies of the new book, Jean-Louis Deniot Interiors by Diane Dorrans Saeks. (That’s me in the center of the photo between Jean-Louis and Diane!)  This is the first time Jean-Louis’ work has been featured in a book.

I was excited to meet Jean-Louis not only because he’s a master of French contemporary design but also because he’s a big fan of Marie Christophe’s. She’s making a series of sculptures for him.   My favorite is a life size sheep created for Jean Louis’s home in Chantilly.  The sheep will make its debut with Jean Louis in Architectural Digest  Russia, January 2015.

I can’t wait to show you!

LF with JLD and DDS at JLD book signing SF



Designed With A Little Help From My Friends

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Adam & Viktoria’s fall collection includes a trio of pillows that are close to my heart because I had the privilege of designing them.

The most complex, Naïve, is a tribal pattern, something I never grow tired of.  It draws me back to the early, earthy cultures when thick chalky paint decorated everything from urns and bowls to cave walls.

Pinto large and Naive blue

naïve violet blue

naïve bitter chocolate

naïve jungle green

May I Have the Next Swim?

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You can’t saddle a seahorse, but Marie Christophe has managed to tame a few for our entertainment.   This splendid fellow, a table lamp, is the life of the party; he swims the deep blue sea wearing a raffia lamp shade on his head while standing on a base of blue opaline crystal.    (Don’t try this at home!)

Seahorse lamp

and the new custom pair wearing PVC shades.. simply fabulous!

seahorse lamps

A Fabulous Pair

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Parisian interior designer Jean -Louis Denoit, who has done high-profile projects for princesses and personalities, chose Marie Christophe to design bowls in black and white (so Truman Capote!).   Simple in form yet stunningly intricate, they speak of exquisite taste.

His new book,  Jean-Louis Deniot Interiors,  by Diane Dorrans Saeks has just been released!  Hugely excited, as this is the first book devoted to his work which is playful, theatrical, timeless and chic.   Looking forward to the book signing later this week!!!

MC for Jean Louis Denoit





Shimmering Swans

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Only Marie Christophe would think of spotlighting swans in a chandelier. Lustre Cygnes, in green opal crystal and gold beads, marries the birds with wirework for life.

elledec november



A ’60’s Style Sleeper

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Adam & Viktoria’s Turkish Delight pillow rests its heady head on Trina Turk’s 1960s-style bed, which is a design groupie’s dream.

Turk is, of course, most famous for her Nifty Sixties-inspired California fashions, and  Adam & Viktoria’s pillow, in a custom orange velvet that reminds me of autumn leaves, fits right in with the mod, mod theme of the room, which was also featured in Elle Decor.  So excited for  fall!

Adam  Viktoria Elle Decor


Gotta a Light?

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There’s nothing like a floor lamp to bring the walls and ceiling of a room to life, as Marie Christophe, mistress of illumination, has shown over and over again.  In her wire works, the light becomes an artist who paints an ever-changing shadow picture that transforms the space.


MC Elle

Bauhaus Meets Mondrian

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Harlequin and Twine, made of  velvet on linen, feature graphically bold colors and clean lines.  They are  so very Bauhaus and ’70s Mondrian.

twine porcelain blue

twine arugula green

twine brown truffels

twine dusk grey

harlequin orange glow

harlequin porcelain blue

harlequin dark arugula

harlequin dusk grey