Training the eye is critical. That’s been my belief ever since I worked for Massimo and Lella Vignelli. “Go to Venice, Florence, Paris, walk down the street, and you’ll learn more than at any design school,” Massimo told me. “Not everyone comes back a master of the Renaissance, but something sticks.”

New York native Lisa Fontanarosa is an artists’ representative who also handles public relations and brand marketing. I source and conceive collections for interior designers, architects, private clients and other style makers around the world.

I style products and delve into the DNA of a brand, always imagining a fairytale, curating a world of beauty filled with poetic pieces that I call the Lisa Fontanarosa Collection.

The collection, started in 1997 when I moved to New Mexico, is fueled by my passion and curiosity. In my choices, I’m guided by Paris, where the mix of antique and modern complement each other like a favorite old shirt and shiny new shoes. And I love pieces that turn every day into a special occasion. I travel the world looking for pieces with soul – lighting, textiles and objects that are as visceral as works of art and like all of us, beautiful in our imperfection.

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